The Nintendo Guessing Game: How well do Mr. Koizumi and Mr. Aonuma know each other?

  • I thought this video was very fun. It's short so just watch it!

    Youtube Video


    Also, how about let's share our own answers, replacing questions about Aonuma/Koizumi with yourself:

    Are you more like Mario or Link?

    Mario. (although I see Link as a better role model.)

    What is your favorite Nintendo franchise?

    Zelda (Metroid 2nd)

    Would you rather have lunch with Princess Peach or Princess Zelda?

    Princess Zelda :3

    Which kingdom would you rather live in: Mushroom Kingdom or Hyrule?


    What is your favorite Zelda game?

    Majora's Mask (admittedly though I've been known to say Twilight Princess or OoT.)

  • Even Zelda's producer knows that Metroid is better. Justice is served!