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  • Probably my most played multiplayer game is CSGO as I have around 1000 hours logged.. I loved the competitive nature of the game, the teamwork, the way the weapons handled and the precision required to climb the ranks. I stopped mostly just because I felt like I was playing too much and honestly it feels good haha

    My longest played game would be Call of Duty.. which I played from around release up through college (actually until I started CSGO lol) 2012-2013 ish. There are still servers up with dedicated and fun communities and its still one of my favorite multiplayer games.

    Other than that I still play L4D and Total War on occasion.. My recent multiplayer game is Rising Storm 2, which I play pretty regularly still. I guess looking at Red Orchestra, Rising Storm, CSGO.. what really keeps me coming back is the team emphasis. I love working together and communicating to strategize and outplay the other team.. I find it really addicting.

  • @Faaip Whew, 1000 hours! And here I was, thinking I had a problem because I'm closing in on 300 hours with Overwatch. I've always heard good things about CSGO though so I can imagine it's pretty easy to get addicted to.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I don't know how it happened.. it added up so fast! It is a really fun game though

  • I haven't played online multiplayer since The Last of Us, which I thought was pretty solid until ND messed with it too much and it became a shadow of itself.

    I play Melee and Third Strike with friends every once in a while. None of us are good enough for competitive play, but it's always fun to get better, and since those games are so fast and have such high skill ceilings nutty stuff is going to happen every once in a while.

  • This one is a bit of a stumper for me. Most of the games I play are single player, but I would say that the games I’m best at are multiplayer.

    Mario Kart: This Series is the one I think I have the most skill in. There are few games that I play year round, or even more than once per year, but Mario Kart is one of them. I don’t play every day, or even every week, but I Hop in to play online about once a month.

    Pokémon: I don’t know if this necessarily counts as multiplayer, but I play against other people so it might. I started playing Pokémon competitively in high school and my life was pretty much consumed with training for a few years. Once I started college I had less time to train, and research so I stopped doing official competitions but still played online. Nowadays I mainly just do research and training, no competitions. But I do still love Pokémon, and I think the reason I’m still playing is because of how much of the meta changes every year.

  • Hmm.. I remember playing Battlefield 3 for like 200 hours total, but i didn't invest in multiplayer games again until Destiny. Played that for 6 months, then back on multiplayer hiatus again. Then, i got hooked on Uncharted 4 Multiplayer and Battlefield 1. I still play almost daily U4 to this day. I also played GT Sport, FIFA and Injustice 2 every now and then. I guess it's somewhere between 5-6 months.

    Shooters definitely my favorite. I just love shooters, first or third person, doesn't matter. Didn't play Overwatch, but i'm sure i would be hooked as well. Fighting and racing games are great too, Injustice 2 and GT sport fill that spot for me. FIFA is fun too.

    I don't have friends that would play with me :(

    I'm usually a lone wolf, not because i want to, but because i suck at communicating to strangers. I get very, very nervous when talking online. It doesn't help that i'm not a native English speaker. I did finish the taken king raid on Destiny with strangers, despite that problem of mine. I was lucky to have nice people playing with me, so they were very helpful along the way.

    I would give a dollar for it, that's all i have right now :)

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    For me it really depends on the gameplay and if I got friends playing.

    A lot of games I end up playing for a couple of weeks with my friends and then leave it for the next experience. However, then we got titles that really grab me, like Titanfall 2. I played this from launch and until a bit over a year after its launch. I really enjoyed this and must say it was one of the most solid shooters in a long long time, just a shame that the amount of people playing have dropped quite a lot.

    • Depends. Multiplayer is very low on my priority list when looking for a game but like with any other game, it depends if it gets me hooked and only then if it can maintain it. So the ammount of time I put into it varies a lot. For Overwatch I've put (only) 37 hours as I played for a month or two after it came out. I jumped back in after doomfist was released but I haven't really checked back since. On the other side of the spectre are league of legends and SWTOR. SWTOR I have played pretty regularly from when it went F2P (2012) until the second half of 2017. LoL I've had a lot of breaks in between periods I have played it regularly, sometimes seen as long as a year, but I still jump back in today. World of warships is another game I've been hooked on and I've played it regularly since it came out in 2015. SO I hope that somewhat answers it. Depending on a hook from months or as far as years.

    • Not really genre, it's a theme tha gets me hooked more often. Referencing the games above, I like star wars and I like battleships and naval warfare. I don't know exactly what LoL does for me that Overwatch doesn't, I just find it more fun. In short, genre has nothing to do with it.

    • I don't have friends :/

    • I will react if someone tries to communicate in a not toxic way, but I will never engage the communication.

    • I had to google what that is so not much. One cent, I guess.

  • The only multiplayer game I've played extensively is Monster Hunter, which is an outlier because it's strictly cooperative with, lets you choose whether to play content in single or multiplayer, and emergent to the point of endless playtimes.

    Competitive online multiplayer games (which are 90% shooters, don't let anyone tell you developers are out of ideas) are a waste of time unless you have the reflexes of a genetic aberration. Voice chat with matchmade parties are a high roll to the point where it's not worth even bothering. I only ever played local competitive games like Mario Strikers and Mario Kart, and I haven't had local game playing people to play some of the newer local coop indies like Towerfall, Nidhogg, and Speedrunners.

  • Don't like Klondike bars.

    Destiny has been the one game to get me consistently playing online multiplayer again for the past few years. I did build a PC in recent weeks (just before the recent GPU price spike). And I have been playing games like Killing Floor 2 with buddies of mine. For KF2, its more of a social experience than anything. For Destiny, I just enjoy getting good loot and making my characters more durable.

  • Why is everyone hating on Klondike bars? Why do we hate ice cream so much?

    @Haru17 that's a shame on the local front. Nidhogg is such a blast if you can convince someone to play it with you.

  • I generally find that I've got one multiplayer game on the go. Right now that game is Overwatch. I just absolutely adore it.

    Now a lot of that is due to playing with friends but even lately, now that I've a proper gaming PC, I've played a lot more by myself and comp as I just want to really improve at it now.

    I think the shelf life really comes down to the people you play with. I put in a ridiculous amount of hours into Battlefield 3 with a bunch of friends and as that group got smaller, so did our interest in the following BF games.

    Right now I've been debating about getting into another MP game as I do mostly prefer single player games. So I've been tossing it up between Monster Hunter World and Sea of Thieves in terms of which is more likely to appeal. Right now I reckon it'll be the latter as Overwatch already is that more competitive multiplayer game. World looks like something which would require the same attention and seems like a bit of a grind. I'm kinda hoping Sea of Thieves is just a lot of messing around. I've played about 30 minutes of it and loved it, so hopefully that can translate to the full game.

    Anyway... what's a Klondike bar?

  • @SabotageTheTruth Most of us just never had a taste of them probably.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Personally, I don't like a lot of chocolate out there. And of course, as I inferred, there are other goodies that I'm more... persuadable to.

  • I was really hoping for this behavior from some of you.

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  • I played way too much FF XI back in the day! I don't even want to hazard a guess! I've mostly played MMO's (I think the last multiplayer FPS I played was Bad Company 2?) so playing with strangers has become a pretty normal thing for me.

  • @breadsaucebandit Even though I played 14 for a year, I still felt like I was mostly playing by myself, except in dungeons and stuff, although that was probably mostly my fault. I did eventually join a Free Company but all the members seemed to have so much drama with each other.. I just wanted to play the game, haha.