Final Fantasy VII Remake Eye Candy (Art Panels) Update

  • @CGamor7 These. Are. AWESOME.

    I can't tell what that last one is. Highway between Sectors Five and Six?

    I wanna play this SOOOOO BAAAAAAD.

    Also, I LOVE the "No camera" icon in the Aeirth's house shot. Hmmmm. I wonder why... X-) Kudos to the person who broke that rule.

  • @Brannox alt text

    Someone mentioned that's Zac in the image. Crazy the amount of detail I missed from the first images.

    Based on the art I really wonder how it's going to look in game. The detail, the moving from one area to another.

    Did anyone else get stuck in this area because of the perspective Lol?

  • @CGamor7 I did when I first played it.

    Zack's there? That shot is so busy it's hard to differentiate what it is, thus why I asked. But yeah, I thought that was what it was.

  • @Brannox in the concept image bottom left. Or it's just cloud and the lighting makes his hair look dark. I imagine he will be in the game a bit more, who knows....

  • @CGamor7 I would say Cloud because of hairstyle, plus your hypothesis of lighting.

  • I did not want to make a new thread so for now some updated info, no new screenshots though, but it's based around the same event.

    "According to some of the fans in attendance, there’s been a change in Cloud’s design. According to development leader Naoki Hamaguchi, this new design was said to have finally got the go-ahead from director Tetsuya Nomura. While it’s been a struggle for the team, the hard work appears to have paid off as Tetsuya Nomura went as far as acknowledging it as “the closest one to the original [Cloud design] up until now.]"

    "A fan attendance described Cloud’s new design as a more natural look. Nomura and Hamaguchi mentioned that “while Cloud may look this way, he was a dork. I believe those of you who played the the original would understand what I mean by saying he’s a dorky character.” That said, we’ll see more of the youthful side of Cloud rather than the always-serious one we’ve seen more outside of the original game."


  • @CGamor7 they going with their original design for him that was used to make Angeal?

  • @FF7Cloud I'm not sure what you mean and im not familiar with Angeals design origin. But clouds design is suppose to be closer to the original FF7 game than the compilation. Less emo and serious and more corny... Maybe?

  • @CGamor7 When final fantasy 7 was first being made Cloud's design was a bigger guy with black slicked back hair. When they changed Cloud's design to what it is now they eventually used that old design for Angeal in Crisis Core

  • @FF7Cloud didn't know that, can you imagine the backlash if that was the new design lol.