Shadows of the Damned & Alan Wake: aka Darkness! Might Makes Light! - The Games

  • Shadows and Wake were games I played a couple of months ago and found so many similarities, yet many differences. For starters they're both games that involve light and darkness. Garcia and Alan use light to vanquish their supernatural foes and solve puzzles. With darkness being a constant threat. In Shadows, Garcia is in hell trying to save his girlfriend, so they're constantly sending darkness after him to kill him if the demons aren't doing the job. Alan Wake has literal darkness posses people, animals, and inanimate objects (called the Taken). That same darkness has taken (no pun intended) his wife and can manipulate reality at will.

    The tone of the games are vastly different. Shadows is an RE4 style shooter with grindhouse style influences. Think Machete or Planet Terror. While Alan Wake is more of a cross between RE4 (similar, but zoomed out camera), Max Payne, Twin Peaks, and Stephen King. Alan Wake is modeled like a Monday night TV show on NBC or ABC. Garcia is a badass demon hunter with a talking Swiss army demon gun named Johnson, yet Wake is an author armed only with pistols, rifles, shotguns, flare guns/flares, and a flashlight.

    I liked both games, but I favor Shadows more due to better boss battles and more enemy variety. Alan Wake is more story focused, but that is expected more of Remedy. Though Wake has advantage of that you can skip most of the cutscenes, while in Shadows you can't. Keep in mind, the latter came out in 2011, so that was really odd.

    My question is what your favorite of the two? Do you like both? Or if you have never played either of them, which one would you'd be interested in?

  • Alan wake is one of the best third person horror action game ever. I absolutely love it. it feel like if max payne was horror game.

    its story is amazing and whole light and darkness gameplay is really well done.

    I really hope they will make Alan wake 2 in future.

  • I have finished Alan Wake, I own Shadows of the Damned (but I haven't even opened the box). Alan Wake is an ok game with some interesting ideas, but a bit sloppy execution.

    My favorite darkness themed games are Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay and The Darkness (PS3).

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    I enjoyed Alan Wake but it got a bit long in the tooth by the end. Every encounter felt way too samey, and it was way too up it's own ass with how clever it thought it's story was.

  • @suplextrain if you haven't played it yet, I suggest you get right to it. You won't regret it. The game to be beaten in about 6 to 8 hours, so it ain't super long. That and the game is really humorous.

  • @El-Shmiablo that was my main gripe with the game. By the last third of it you have pretty much seen everything. From what I heard they were supposed to be more than enemy variety. For example, you would fight darkness possessed bears, but they were taken out due to time constraints. I admire to story for having ambition. I did not think it was up its own ass. It wasn't perfect, but I certainly enjoyed it. Now if you want a story that's up its own ass, play the DMC reboot. Even when playing The Definitive Edition, I still find myself gagging at the cutscenes and skipping most of them.

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    @CoCage Which is crazy because it has a far better story than any of the mainline DMCs.

  • @El-Shmiablo For me, that is very subjective. I admit, the reboot is better than DMC 2 's story, but nearly any games story is better than DMC2. 3 is still the best Mainline DMC game to have a story. Just for the fact that it's simple and effective. 3 is about Dante coming to terms with his demon side and putting a stop to his brothers goals. Then you have Lady, who comes to terms that not all demons are bad, and that some humans are far worse than demons.

    Capcom has always known that their DMC games did not always have the best stories, but they never grew self-indulgent or thought they were next best thing since sliced bread. Unlike Ninja Theory. Had the reboot been called something else the story wouldn't be criticized as much from most fans like myself or even the casual crowd. I don't know what was up with critics complimenting how the story was great.