The 2018 Winter Olympics

  • I love it! Every time it's a celebration and all athletes are basically in the same spot and the stakes are the highest possible.
    Also there is always something to watch during the 14 days.


  • As a Finn it's also nice that in these winter events we actually have a chance to win some medals, too, being a small country as we are.

    My absolute favourite winter sport to watch and follow has been the women's biathlon for the past several years already. Kaisa Mäkäräinen has been in great shape this season (she actually leads the world cup at the moment), so I'm really hoping that she manages to win or at least be on the podium in one of the races. It's a really tricky sport, where things can turn on their head in an instant. These'll be her last Olympics, so there's that as well.

    The Finnish ice-hockey team is also something to always cheer, but I have no idea how the team will perform this year. It's a shame that the NHL players couldn't take part in the games, but that's same for every country. Maybe this'll create surprises.

    And in cross-country skiing we have a few hopes, but the competition is really fierce there. I'm keeping my thumbs up!

    Other than that, I'm waiting for those curling games, baby! Those are the treat that's only served every four years. So hypnotic and suitably slow-paced. Oh, I can already hear the sound of the rocks hitting each other inside the house!

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    I do try to follow the Olympics as much as I can! will have to see now when it will be at odd times. As the Swede I am, I just have to keep my fingers crossed for all the skiing and our glorious teams there.

    Also the opening and closing cermony are normally some of the top parts as well!

  • Being from a country where 10 C is considered freezing, that's 50 F to you poor americans, Winter Olympics are something I have zero personal stake in but it is fun to watch nonetheless (even if most of the sports are essentially the same :P)

  • I'm not really interested in GOING to the winter Olympics, but I WILL be going to the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics as prophesied by the epic anime masterpiece Akira in 1988.

    I like watching the Winter Olympics from the coziness of my own home. Go Nigerian Women's Bobsled team!

  • Figure Skating is my favorite sport in the Winter Olympics since I always wanted to learn how to do it myself. I’m a bit disappointed that Yuzuru Hanyu probably won’t make an appearance due to his injury, and neither will Yulia Lipnitskaya for similar reasons since they both were my favorite skaters in 2014 and it’s sad to see their careers get cut short. Yuzuru Hanyu will probably recover, but Yulia’s retired now. I was also really sad to see Kim Yuna retire after the last Olympics. She got robbed in Sochi. It would have been really cool to see her medal in her home country. Most of all I’m bummed that Ashley Wagner only made alternate for the US Team, she’s my favorite American skater and I think she would have done us proud.

    So I guess going in this year there’s just a lot of skaters I wish could have competed. But there’s lots of great athletes still in the running. I of course must root for Team USA and I thing Nathen Chen and Mirai Nagasu will both be great! Here’s hoping for some great skating this year!

  • I adore the Winter Olympics but especially Skeleton. Two week away! I can't wait!

  • The games are starting a little early, before the actual opening ceremony even. There'll be some first rounds of curling in five hours, I believe.

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    Im just hyped for the opening cermony! and I believe someone said they are hoping for Sweden to take 6 medals in the olympics, I think thats a little optimistic, but I hope so!

  • I'm kinda interested in the fact that this is the first Post-Yuri on Ice Winter Olympics, considering how a bunch of figure skaters were openly into the show, some still actively skating, some having retired.

  • The opening ceremony starts in half an hour. These are pretty much always just somehow glorious events.

  • That moment when the both Koreas arrived together was pretty sensational. Under that one flag and all. It felt for a moment like I had peeked into a different timeline.

    But yeah. Everything can officially start now, let the games begin!

  • That was a wonderful ceremony. I most enjoyed the show with skiers and drones. The lighting of the fire was also amazing.

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    Was a nice opening ceremony! Im now looking forward to what the games will bring!

  • Our first medal right away, great! Krista Pärmäkoski won bronze in the women's 15 kilometre skiathlon. It was a Nordic trio, as Kalla and Bjørgen were faster still. Congrats.

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    @Sentinel-Beach Glad to see a nordic top 3! (even better with the win for us!) Great race!

  • Gotta take my hat off for Noriaki Kasai. The man's in his 8th Olympics and still getting pretty solid results. 45 years old athlete and a gentleman, too, I trust. Simply great to see something like this, he jumped already when I was a kid over 20 years ago.

  • Kasai is a legend, no doubt. Also that competition took two days to finish :P

  • A really happy way to wake up into a new week hearing some medal news. During the night Enni Rukajärvi had won bronze in women's slopestyle, yeah! She's a really positive person, I love her smile, and I'm just happy for her right now. Apparently the conditions had been really rough in the competition, even dangerous at times. She, too, had fallen in her first try, but kept her cool then in the second run.