Themed Hall of Greats?

  • So I've enjoyed every Hall of Greats episode, but one thing that stands out to me is that certain games don't really stand a chance depending upon the mix, even if they had a really good case made for them. It's not that I disagree with any of the winners as such, but it feels like maybe it would be better if the Hall of Greats had a theme for the picks, so that it's more of a level playing field.

    For example, in the last episode I felt that Ian made an excellent case for Myst, and I think it's absolutely a game that deserves to be labelled a Great of the Adventure genre, but not all of the allies favour Adventure games, so it did very poorly when the mix included more mainstream picks like Pokémon, even I felt Pokémon's presentation and Q&A was weaker.

    So it'd be nice in future to see an Adventure Games Greats episode for example, so we could see Myst stacked up against games like Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, Zork Nemesis etc., and have the allies argue why one is better than the others.

    Anyway, keep up the great work!

  • Sorry to bump this, but after finally watching Hall of Greats #5 the topic of theming the picks is still one I'd love to discuss; as once again it feels a lot like there isn't a level playing field. Don't get me wrong, I don't disagree that the picks deserve to be chosen as greats, but it feels a lot like the others, some of which are very arguably greats as well, didn't really stand a chance, and this has been the case in every episode.

    Don for example has some great picks, and he always presents and argues for them so passionately, but they're also often of a genre removed from most of the other choices, and tend to be things that were overlooked for various reasons, so it often feels like they don't get the consideration they deserve when other titles are ones that most of the allies have played and enjoyed. Now, obviously it'd be difficult to judge the games solely on the quality of presentation, but when presenting a title that few have played, it seems a shame for them to be dismissed on that basis.

    Of course, doing themed episodes won't solve the problem completely; Hall of Greats is always going to be polarising and subjective, and there's no way to run a perfect contest of this type. But I think it would go some way to solving some of the problems where a genre of games has a particular advantage over other picks, it might also force some of the allies out of their comfort zones and to try some titles in a genre they're less familiar with before making a pick, which I think could make for some very interesting choices.

    Plus, I would just love with every fibre of my being to see how Huber would cope with being only allowed to make one choice in a horror/survival horror themed hall of greats, and what the other allies would choose, especially now that two of the obvious picks have already been taken care of.

    I also wonder whether it'd be worth tweaking how the votes are assigned; so currently the allies get 6 chips, and can make a vote of 3, a vote of 2 and a vote of 1, but what if each choice had to be of a certain type? e.g- each ally must pick one for best presented, one for personal favourite, and one as a wildcard, and can decide how many chips to award for each. So for example, if one is very well presented, but unknown to an ally, they could award 3 chips for best presentation, and then 2 to their personal favourite game, and 1 however they like (e.g- to save a title from the freezer).

    Sorry if I sound too critical; I do love hall of greats, love seeing the picks, and love seeing each presentation, but I just wanted to discuss some ideas of how it could be refined even further. Love and respect!