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  • So, quite a few games these days have character creators, and some of them are insanely deep and customizable.
    Post your favorite created characters here, and let us know if you came up with a backstory or motivation, or any quirks you're RPing with or anything else!

    I'll start it off with my Monster Hunter World character, Chozen Hunter.
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    He and his Palico, Sakura (Named for the delicate cherry-blossom pink spot over it's eye) have been together for a while. They've traveled far and wide and gotten into a bunch of bar room and back alley brawls they barely made it out of. Chozen is a bit of a pretty boy and has a somewhat fragile ego about his looks, but it's mostly a deflection. He's deeply ashamed about his past and hopes that no one finds out that he comes from a wealthy family. He's sure that they won't take him seriously and that his hard earned skills and trophies would be discounted as "just a rich kid with a hobby" or "paid for with daddy's money".
    In reality, he's been running away from his family for years now, and wants nothing to do with their wealth. He wishes that they'd leave him be, but he's the heir to a gigantic fortune and so he's always been trailed by an army of lawyers and detectives trying to bring him home and make him assume the burden of the family name. He fled to the New World and became a Monster Hunter to see if maybe, this time, he's run far enough away that they won't find him.

  • I just came across my old BB Hunter, Abraham Temple.

    He's a Eurasian Gentleman of means, in his mid 50's. About 10 years ago, he was diagnosed with the early signs of distemper, he's expunged much of his once vast wealth to travel the world and divine a cure for himself. He's tried all manner of cure-alls, dabbled in any promising ventures in both the sciences and the arcane.... but it's getting worse. Finally he hears a rumor and chases it to it's conclusion. Drawn to the streets of Yarnham by tales of the old blood, he's hoping that it finally has what he's been seeking for so long.



  • alt text

    This is my squid in Splatoon 2, if that counts.

  • From Mass Effect Andromeda:
    0_1522082637798_ME Moira.png
    Go to Andromeda they said. Everything is better there they would like you to believe. Moira Ryder knew that this is some BS and she knows the kind of people who would follow the call and how easy they can be manipulated. “I am your pathfinder, literally, you ugly MFs!” She was a god to them…
    Well the game isn’t really great for RP. Character editor sucks and I think nearly every preset made me threw up a little, but it still turned out nicely. From the haircuts, the afro was the best, maybe the only good option. Too bad a blond hair color looks just terrible…

  • @ikataishou I think it turned out pretty good, at least from this static angle.
    I still havent played Andromeda yet. I think I might like it...

  • @ikataishou That's real good. Every time I touch a slider my character ends up terrifying.. you should see my Oblivion or ME1 characters

    Here's what I'm working with on my current Dark Souls 3 run. I haven't played any other create-a-character games in awhile

    alt text

  • @Faaip Thanks! Feels like there aren’t many games with a solid character creator, even fewer that provide extensive functions and sliders. And even less that I want to play afterwards…
    Oblivion and Dark Souls (3) might be one of the worsts. That is not only because of the graphical “style” e.g. terrible head morphs but also simply usability. DS 3 is for a current gen game really bad. The characters actually can’t speak because the mouth isn’t even completely modelled and I am not so sure if the eyes aren’t also just some textures on the face, instead of modelled eyeballs. And when I think about how you applied color to the face, it feels more like a (bad) developer tool then anything user-friendly.
    Anyway, I love character creation and can spend hours on it in an extensively modded Skyrim or Sims 4. Before I delete Skyrim again to free up some space on my hdd I´ll try to shoot some nice pics and share.

  • Tokyo is a rifleman and a bit of a smarty pants.
    alt text
    alt text

  • 0_1572105629381_Skelos.jpg

    I'm surprised we didn't start this earlier.

    The Outer Worlds - Skelos

    A stupid savage pure melee and he will likely turn out evil.

  • The Outer Worlds is funny to me because you can create your character and find cool looking gear. Even though you never actually see your character in the game, just when you are in the menus.

  • Cyberpunk is going to do the same thing. Dont think it's a huge deal.

  • @shoulderguy

    I always liked how Bethesda games let you go third person to see your character. In The Outer Worlds, just leave the mouse still for a minute and you’ll get a panning camera that will show you and your crew and wherever you are.

  • Just picked up The Outer Worlds today.

    alt text

  • @sheria said in Your Character Goes Here!:

    Just picked up The Outer Worlds today.

    alt text

    Outer worlds definitely best RPG i have ever played (if not counting Deus Ex and System shock). its only RPG that has decent gameplay mechanics.

  • I don't know if I'll finish this game again but the remaster seems good so far. - Saints Row The Third.

    0_1590419223949_Saints Row  The Third Remastered 1-1.jpg

    0_1590419235864_Saints Row  The Third Remastered 2-2.jpg

  • My Sara Ryder from Andromeda

    alt text
    alt text

  • It would be great if CD Projekt Red let players use the character creation before the release of Cyberpunk 2077.

  • I'm very satisfied with how my Jin looks in GoT.

  • I've been dealing out some brutal Wasteland 3 justice to any and all raider scum.

    I didn't realize you can make up to six characters in this game, that are all in your party at the same time.


  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 - It’s been a while.


    I've only played the first 2 THPS2 levels but it feels and looks great so far! Can't wait to play more tomorrow.