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  • So, quite a few games these days have character creators, and some of them are insanely deep and customizable.
    Post your favorite created characters here, and let us know if you came up with a backstory or motivation, or any quirks you're RPing with or anything else!

    I'll start it off with my Monster Hunter World character, Chozen Hunter.

    He and his Palico, Sakura (Named for the delicate cherry-blossom pink spot over it's eye) have been together for a while. They've traveled far and wide and gotten into a bunch of bar room and back alley brawls they barely made it out of. Chozen is a bit of a pretty boy and has a somewhat fragile ego about his looks, but it's mostly a deflection. He's deeply ashamed about his past and hopes that no one finds out that he comes from a wealthy family. He's sure that they won't take him seriously and that his hard earned skills and trophies would be discounted as "just a rich kid with a hobby" or "paid for with daddy's money".
    In reality, he's been running away from his family for years now, and wants nothing to do with their wealth. He wishes that they'd leave him be, but he's the heir to a gigantic fortune and so he's always been trailed by an army of lawyers and detectives trying to bring him home and make him assume the burden of the family name. He fled to the New World and became a Monster Hunter to see if maybe, this time, he's run far enough away that they won't find him.

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