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  • Hey Allies,

    Long-time lurker and Patron here! I've loved EZA and the crew going back to the GT days, so much so that in 2014 I started a YouTube channel with some friends to try and replicate the magic of GT and EZA. We have a lot of fun doing what we do and put a lot of effort it. This is just a side project for us (we all work full-time) but are keen to share it with as many people as possible.

    We have a good system for our YouTube content so at present are focussing on streaming regularly on Twitch and are very close to reaching 50 followers. If we reach this then we will qualify the affiliate programme which would be a great milestone for us. We stream a variety of games across multiple platforms.

    If you are on Twitch and could spare some time to follow us I’d be eternally grateful. If you take more time to hang out with us on one of our streams then that would mean a great deal to me personally. I love EZA and the community around it, getting to know you more would be special.

    Below is where you can find our content, I’ll also post new YouTube videos in this thread for those interested:



    Audio Podcast

    All subs and follows are appreciated.

    Thanks for your time,

    EDIT: I'm failing at adding a video in these forums guys, any help on this matter also appreciated! Thanks.

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    i don't like this advertisement

    please remove it

    EDIT: if you paste a video link directly into your post it should automatically embed, but definitely don't do it

  • @David-Berishaj The Blog section is sort of like a self advertisement thingy I believe.

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    @ib0show Oh is that right? Thank you for telling me this

  • Lovely warm welcome David, thank you.

    Here is my Yakuza 0 Review. Fell in love with this game and have to make a decision on whether to dive straight into Yakuza 6 (and catch up on story via videos) or whether to try and play 1-5 (a big ask). Yakuza 0 is perfect for rookies like me though!

    Youtube Video

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    @OTTAPPS sure thing

    you guys have nice accents

  • @David-Berishaj Ha, I think thats the first time someone has said that about people from Essex!

  • Here is our monthly podcast!

    Youtube Video

  • Youtube Video

    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - Review