About ps4 DLC and season pass

  • Hi Im new user of ps4 and I bought my 1st game ACorigin ps4(disc) this november.
    I hooked up on the game for quite a while and I invest my time and effort and of course waiting for upcoming events like trial of gods and so on.

    Now this January 30, 2018 I decided to buy the season pass through psn store because I enjoy the game but I shock after I download the content of season pass like horus pack and others, it is said waiting to install but when I select install the following message says game is uninstalled and lead me to psn store to buy ac origin which I already have and installed on my PS4.

    I do some research and I found out that the DLC and ads on that you buy on psn store are region lock and my AC Origin ps4(disc) is asian region and my account is us account.

    I wasted my $40 to buy it and I even call customer service and even live chat but they said that I cant refund my money because of terms and agreement policy.

    A little bit regret come to my mind when I think of it but thats the life gotta move on and lesson learned, maybe I stop gaming for a while and focus on work.

    For those who read this any tips and solution about region lock dlc and ads on.
    Thats all guys wanna share my experience and want to know what you guys think about this.

  • That really sucks, man. I guess you could wait for AC origins (or the dlc) to get heavily discounted. Good heed of warning for others

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    Yeah its some really annoying region locks on stuff like that. Even like with PS+ I couldnt use the one I got from amazon because my account was created in Sweden rather than UK. Sometimes I think they are a little stingy with those things. I think it was same when I bought Mass Effect collection US edition. I got some DLCs with the box, but couldnt get the last DLCs because of same reasons. Really sucks but I guess its what you get sometimes :(

  • That's annoying, I would have thought it wouldn't have let you buy the season pass in that case. That's really bad process management. I would seriously call them back and make a big deal about it, or you could always contact Kotaku and they can turn it into news and make Sony look like a bunch of idiots lol. The whole refund thing for Sony is ridiculous and deserves attention.

    Maybe contact Ubisoft and explain the situation?

  • @CGamor7 Considering that non-European electronic refund policies are kinda new, I don't think a big deal will, or should be made of it.

  • @El-Shmiablo it should have been one of the first things they thought about
    when they implemented digital purchases especially region locked content (which they allow) that can be purchased by accident. How is that at all fair to the customer? It's poor planning on Sony. Doesnt matter how new it is. Dont you think things like this should be brought up so they get dealt with?

    I don't know to what extent but valve has a return policy and doesn't Microsoft?

  • @CGamor7 Steam's policy is only 3 years old, and Microsoft's isn't even a year, and probably wouldn't have happened were they not desperate for consumer mindshare.

    Either way, I don't see why it is Sony's fault when somebody mistakenly buys something for a thing they don't actually own. If OP bought the game expecting to recieve an American copy, that is the fault of the retailer, not Sony. If OP bought the game knowing it was a JP copy, then perhaps they should have done more research.

    I'm not saying I don't want to see a digital return policy in place with Sony, but blaming this on them is silly.

  • @christinalevinee Fight for that refund if you can't then maybe sell the asian disc and buy a NA version

  • I fint it a bit weird that dlc is region locked while the main game isn't, honestly. It's kinda like "you can drive this car anywhere in the world, but the AC only works in Australia!"