EZA curates February games: What are you anticipating? What's worth checking out?

  • A thread for sharing new games coming out in February...


    Hey Allies, the year of 2018 is revving up and I'd like to make a thread where we all gather to discuss and share new games coming out this month. This is a monthly thread concept I've successfully run on another forum I visit, and I'm hoping I can import it here too.

    Did you discover some small game that not everyone knows about?
    Share that and let us know what it is about!

    Already know a thing or two that interests you?
    Make a list of your interests and/or possibles!

    Don't know what's so great about an upcoming game you keep hearing about?
    Ask here!

    Don't follow gaming news that closely and just want to passively see what BigGames™ people care about?
    This is the place!


    Going into more detail:

    The basic idea is to list new games that you are either interested in, potentially curious about, or want to give wider attention. You can briefly describe them or ask other people to help fill you in. The hope is that regular threads like these can act as a collective filter/discovery mechanism to help people decide what is worth checking out.

    These are new games that are releasing/being ported this month in any capacity (not "backlogs/what you are playing this month"). The angle here is sharing your anticipation and promoting game discovery (as opposed to sharing comments about a first playthrough in progress - that belongs elsewhere).


    • If you want a handy list of the 'consensus' top upcoming games of the month, here's one video list and one text list. Feel free to post other lists like these that you find useful.
    • Final request: If you are the first person to mention a game please provide (at minimum) a short sentence description. (If it is a very big AAA release though, then don't worry about it.) This is a good convention that makes the thread more useful as a discovery mechanism, and especially helps out anyone who doesn't follow the news as closely as you.

  • Here's my personal picks this month:

    1. Shadow of the Colouss Remake - a complete ground up remake of SOTC using modern tech that you've probably already seen and heard is excellent.

    2. Secret of Mana Remake - A very faithful remake of Secret of Mana doing using 3D models (with a style not unlike Adventure of Mana). Reportedly the soundtrack is going to be recomposed as well, but that's never been shown yet. It's mostly a remake in terms of graphics, but there are small improvements, like being able to assign spells to a quick button and some hard to notice behavior changes with bosses and your character being hitstun. Reportedly there will be some extra content explaining more backstory elements, but don't expect new maps/exploration or redesigned dungeons. Significantly for me it's not clear yet how different the hit detection and such is going to feel, but I'm eager to replay it regardless.

    3. Meanders. A chill first person platformer where you just have to get to the exit in 40 successive levels, all done in a colorful, abstract style. It describes itself as an "instant play" style of game with no load times and (I suspect) no game overs. It's looks like it has a lot of variety, with a few environmental puzzles thrown in, and while I think you are mostly running and jumping sometimes you are teleporting through portals or bouncing as a ball and in at least one instance you grab a gun to blast away at floating pieces of the level.
      I haven't heard much else about this game, but it looks like a game that Faith (from Mirror's Edge) would dream about if she had spent the day playing Mario. It even kind of looks like those DLC time trial maps (Kinetic, Reflex, Actino Rise, etc.) if you remember those. I'm really looking forward to playing it myself.

    4. Fe - A 3rd person action adventure game published EA's indie program. You play as a cute woodland creature in a highly stylized world who can form bonds with other animals and use signing powers to react with the environment. It's reportedly designed to be "very hands off", where you are expected to observe and discover what to do without strict guidance. Seems like a Metroid Prime/Zelda meets Journey. The creator says it is meant to be "a personal narrative about our relationship with nature".
      I'm not sold on this one until I can wrap my head around what flow of the game is going to be like, but I'm interested.

  • Shouldn't we curate January games. How do we curate games we haven't played yet.

  • Cool thread! @ib0show I think the idea is to give a preview of the upcoming month. I guess we could also have separate threads for reviewing the past months too.

    February is going to be a busy month outside of gaming for me so I'm not sure how many of these I can actually try out, but here's what's got my attention:

    1. Shadow of the Colossus - I've never played the original, and considering how widely praised it is and how amazing the remake seems to be, I'll definitely be picking this up. I do have some reservations however, since I tried Ico back in the day and didn't enjoy it much (didn't get far into it), and I found The Last Guardian more frustrating than anything last year. So hopefully SotC is the best of the bunch.

    2. Mercenaries Saga Chronicles - Just recently heard about this, it's a compilation of the three Mercenaries Saga games coming to Switch on the 8th. They are Final Fantasy Tactics-like games with pretty cute graphics! No idea how they were reviewed back in the day so I'll wait and see, but this could be a fun addition to my library.

    3. Kingdom Come: Deliverance - I backed it on Kickstarter so I'll be getting it no matter what. Their tagline is "Dungeons without Dragons", it's a historical, realistic Skyrim, with no magic, no monsters, just good old medieval open-world roleplaying, with a unique and tricky take on swordfighting. I'm not suuuuuper hyped for it but I'm pretty curious to try it out!

    4. Metal Gear Survive - I'm not buying it, but I'll be watching from the sidelines, popcorn in hand, reading the reviews and all the internet drama that will inevitably surround its release. I'm sure it'll be entertaining to watch the Allies stream it at the very least.

    5. Dandara - 2D platformer with a unique twist, just watch the launch trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dD43u43P2LY
      Previous trailers hadn't exactly sold me on it but this looks great. The animations are so fluid, the music is catchy, it looks like things can get pretty challenging.

  • @ib0show said in EZA curates February games: What are you anticipating? What's worth checking out?:

    Shouldn't we curate January games. How do we curate games we haven't played yet.

    Nope. We stay on the bleeding edge, baby. The thread is about the concept of anticipation, excitement and curiosity of games that are just coming out. You are "curating" the giant pool of monthly releases into just the ones that you really care about; the ones you think are interesting and even the ones that you are unsure but curious enough to keep an eye on.

    It's fun to share what appeals to you, that's the basic idea. And then it's valuable to have a place where you can see what games other people are interested in, and read in their own words why they think it looks cool. It's also the perfect place to mention an under-the-radar game that caught your eye that you want to share with the EZA community. When everyone joins in, it makes the thread an effective discovery mechanism as well as a "release filter".

    You are free to share what interests you in any fashion you want, but one way is to treat it as a list-making game: "here's my top 5 picks this month". Or you can just post what you know interests you right now, and post again later if you discover something new that seems cool.

  • @Chocobop @Axel Anticipations can be disappointments though

  • Into the Breach is releasing this month, and it's definitely an indie tactics game to look out for.

    You control team of mechs in a sort of Advance Wars/FFT style turn based interface against giant alien monsters of various types, although from the trailers it looks to be something very unique mechanically than either of those two games. Like, instead of just firing directly at the enemy all the time, you also have to consider gaining an advantage by using abilities which push or pull the monsters to different tiles, and there are environmental effects as well. The theme of the world reminds me of Pacific Rim or Evangelion, and the overall art style I would describe as a very lovely GBA-esque style spritework.

  • Aegis Defenders - Comes out February 8th on PS4, Switch, and PC/Mac! I got to play this at PSX and thought it was really neat. It is a 2D, sprite based, action-adventure platformer with tower defense segments throughout. There are four characters to play, each with their own unique skills. You can adventure solo, and switch between characters at will, or play co-op with a friend. I was playing solo and it was a lot of fun, easy to switch and solve environmental puzzles or set up defenses. It also has an interesting visual novel like conversation element. When characters are talking you might get dialogue options to choose from, getting to know the different characters, and answering more like they would, will earn you little perks. Definitely worth checking out!

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    I was interested in FE, but when I see that EA are kinda behind it, I feel a giant turnoff and will most likely just watch some playthrough or similar.

  • @Lotias I'm on the same boat here, it looks interesting enough, but my desire to not support EA outweighs that interest.

  • I'd like to try Kingdom Come: Deliverance, however, while the company is composed of a fair few veterans in the industry, this will be their first game, and I'm not willing to drop £38 on it straight away without glowing reviews across the board.

    There's also Metal Gear Survive and Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet on my radar, both of which don't look like amazing blow your mind games but looks good enough that I could enjoy them, but they're also full price releases, so they're taking a back seat to Kingdom in terms of possible purchases.

  • @Lotias @bard91 I don't understand this logic. I also disagree with a lot of the things EA do, but in the case of Fe, it is developed by an independent studio who just happened to make such a good impression that EA decided to publish their game. It's an awesome breakthrough for them, so why punish them (and yourselves) just out of spite towards EA?

    The only message this will send is that people don't care for indie-artsy games, and EA will then focus even more on big-budget titles instead.

    So if somehow the game gets great reviews and seems up your alley, I don't see a good reason to not pick it up. Just my two cents.

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    @Axel That is a valid point and I see what you mean - also to some point I agree. In this case EA helps an indie studio get what most likely are a good game out there.

    But what I also see is that I dont want to support a big cooperation with money. I can scream and shout as much as I want, but I believe in that you have to vote with your wallet in cases like this. If I "take away" money from a company maybe I can indirect make a publisher I "like more" to gain money and then in the long run pick up market and help good games like this. I admit that its not the ideal situation and it might hurt them. Yet I feel that just chugging along wont change anything and if I want change I have to take (indirect) action.

    If I could give my money right to the developer without aiding EA I would buy it right away. If we can support another side instead, maybe, in the longer run that can make things worth it in the long run. I know its not the ideal way, but its what my gut tells me to do.

  • @Lotias I pretty much agree with this, yes I had considered the side of this reinforcing their current model, but that does not outweigh my desire to not support EA, and as mentioned I could use that same money to support some other company I find far more deserving of it.

    And more specifically to Fe, I simply think it looks interesting, I know nothing about the developers their previous experiences, or what to expect of it, there's nothing else other than it looks kinda cool making me interested, and I could browse Steam for 10 minutes and find 5 other games that I'll think the same of, so there's nothing that compelling about it that would make me consider things further.

  • Of course I'm not saying you have to buy it if you're only mildly interested in it. Just that if it turns out to be awesome, it would be a shame to miss out on it.

    I get what you guys are saying, there's no right or wrong. I could argue that you not buying Fe won't be enough to make EA go bankrupt, so might as well buy it, but you'd reply that you buying Fe wouldn't be enough to make them change their business model either, so we're at a stalemate here :)

  • @Axel yep it is likely a meaningless gesture in the grand scheme of things for a company like EA, I personally would rather stick to my convictions that they don't deserve my support and miss out, but I'm not gonna debate that it is the most rational or the best approach towards this.

  • Moss is releasing this month, Tuesday Feb 27th. I'm not personally invested in this one, but I know a lot of Allies are and I must say it looks like it'll be one of the most notable releases for PS VR.

    Brief description (although I admit upfront I'm not confident I understand all the details, please correct me if you can describe it better for everyone else):
    Moss is a PS VR only game where you guide/control an adorable mouse through an adventure from a top-downish perspective and using a cursor to interact with the enviroment. He eventually gets a sword and fights enemies with your help, there is light puzzle solving, etc.

    (credit to @logic__error for posting in the news thread)

  • Yakuza 6 demo on the 27th