Your favorite controller

  • Hey Allies. After the millions of combined gaming hours we've spent playing games. What is your favorite controller to play your games with (Mouse & keyboards are acceptable)

    Mine personally is the Sega Saturn mark 2. The best 2d controller ever. I 1cc'ed Batsugun, my greatest achievement ever (besides having children)

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    N64 controller

  • @David-Berishaj I'm sorry think you got worst mixed up with best.

  • @David-Berishaj I'm joking everyone has there own opinion.

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    @FutureCorpse Lmao!

  • Was my Gamecube Wavebird before the sticks got all chewed up by my friend's mom's parrot years and years ago.

    These days I like the feel of my Switch Pro Controller, even tho every couple weeks I gotta wipe under the sticks, cause they grind against the sides into gritty dust. Luckily, it hasn't loosened the feel of them or anything. Also the D-Pad could be better. Apparently the Xenoblade 2 Pro Controllers onward fixed the D-Pad defect.

    I still really like the way Dualshock style controllers feel, but they get dirty so fast and I get tired of cleaning mine every single time I want to use it.

  • I always hear good stuff about the Saturn mark-2 but I've only ever had the 3D Pad, which I love.

    Anyway that's a tough call. I'm gonna have to go with the Wii U gamepad I think. When I first saw it I thought it'd be a clunky mess but that thing fit in my hands like a glove. Having the big ol' screen in the middle was a blessing when playing Splatoon or Wonderful 101, or any games in handheld mode, and it never really felt like it got in the way when I didn't need it.

    I wanna give an honorable mention to the Switch Pro Controller though, I haven't used it much but it seems really nice so far. Dualshock 4 deserves a "most improved" at the very least, since it's probably in my top 5 and the DS3 is a dumpster fire of a controller. Honestly the dualshock line in general was never all that great (even though I'm more than used to them since I've been playing on one kind of Playstation system or another for like 15 years now) but the DS4 is pretty solid.

  • Original Xbox "Duke" controller.

    Really. The size means it just rests in my hands without having to tightly grip it, and the slanted, heavily raised primary buttons are perfectly aligned with my natural thumb angle and fantastic for quick access. Love the quick-release cable too.

  • The N64 controller is definitely my favourite so far.

  • Dualshock 4 for me, perfect size for my hands, and i just prefer symmetrical analogs so much more.

  • Xbox One controller is by far the best one ever made. DS4 is really good too tho, especially compared to the previous Playstation controllers. DS 1-3 are among the worst controllers imo.

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    1. Gamecube
    2. Dualshock 4
    3. Logitech F710

    Do mice count? If so, Logitech MX518 is objectively the best mouse of all time.

  • I do love my Logitech G710 keyboard and Razer Abyssus V2 combo, but I have certain soft spot for the following controllers:

    1. Competition Pro Joystick
    2. Dualshock 4
    3. Switch Pro Controller

  • I'm not terribly picky about controllers, but I think I'd go with the Dualshock 4

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    I would say

    1. Gamecube
    2. Dualshock 4
    3. Resident Evil 4: Chainsaw Controller

  • Controls have gotten far better over the years. Ergonomically, I feel that the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller just feels the best in my hand, however for every day use the DualShock 4 is amazing.

    While I loved the button placement of the Gamecube controller, the grips were just not that great for me. The 360 controller was amazing as well, but I felt like Sony took what Microsoft did well (after the awful Dualshock 3) while Microsoft just buggered their design with the Xbox One.

  • As with many things gaming, I like the thing everyone else seems to hate. :D

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  • Gamecube controller. The unique button layout and analog R/L triggers make it my favorite. I wouldn't say it is the "best" controller though. It definitely would be benefit from having 4 total shoulder buttons, thumbstick buttons and a better D-pad.

  • I mean, can it be anything other than the Dual Shock? It sort of standardized controllers from that point forward. It hasn't changed much since it's inception and most other controllers follow suit.

    I'd say DS4 is the best, but it has too much weight. The weight is the same reason I didn't like the X360 controller. My hands get tired of holding it after a short amount of time. So maybe DS1-3.

  • The Dualshock 4 is as close to perfection as humanity is meant to reach. Although that touch pad is just bizarre and needs to go away when DS5 is a thing.