In LA for a week, any gaming-related spots I should visit?

  • Hey Allies!

    Weird timing since @Axel just made a very similar post about Tokyo (which is way cooler) but I'm rolling with it anyway!

    I'm from the UK originally, currently in the US for a couple of months and I'll be heading to LA on Monday. Just wondering if there's anywhere I should go, or anything you recommend I do while I'm there? I know it's where the EZA team are based and I hear them talk about awesome game stores occasionally, so it'd be cool to find those.

    All suggestions welcome. :P


  • I'd say Brandon's house, but he probably wouldn't like that.

  • @DMCMaster Yeah I feel like I'm unlikely to get an invite to be honest. :P It would be a trip for me to see that garage studio in person after watching so many podcasts and streams from there though, so I'd be down.

  • only famous gaming related spots i can think of in the USA would be the E3 shows in LA and the New York Nintendo World Store.

  • Little late on this, sounds like you're already in LA!

    I went with some friends for just over a week last March! We didn't find a lot of unique gaming stuff really but my best advice is to plan your days centered around a specific area or thing you want to check out!

    I know the Allies have mentioned Game Dude before for finding retro video games, which is in North Hollywood. We didn't end up in that area though, so I can't speak to it personally.

    We did go to an arcade bar called Eighty Two which has a bunch of arcade cabinets and pinball machines. It was pretty busy so enjoyment will depend on how much you like/dislike being around potentially drunk strangers. It's in downtown LA so you could easily explore that area during the day and then head to the bar that evening to unwind. There is a ton to check out nearby, I recommend the Little Tokyo area (Anime Jungle is there, which Ben has talked about before), The Last Bookstore is neat, Grand Central Market has a bunch of different food vendors. Lots to see and do there.

    Other areas we checked out that were interesting were Koreatown and Miracle Mile, which are both along Wilshire Blvd, and Little Osaka which is in the Sawtelle neighborhood. We also found some restaurants that the Allies have mentioned before, The Milk Jar (on Wilshire), The Griddle (West Hollywood), Tsujita (Little Osaka), Kura Revolving Sushi (Little Tokyo), Fatburger (locations all over the place), and The Pie Hole (also multiple locations) and none of those disappointed.

    We also went out east to Pasadena and down to Disney for two of our days and enjoyed both.

    Hope any of that helps! Have fun!