Easy Allies 2018 Predictions

  • I thought of putting the Easyallies predictions stream into text. If anyone wants to watch the stream you can at
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    * Eagles win the Superbowl

    Huber: 3 touchdowns

    • PSVR
      Huber: Wireless PSVR

    • Red Dead Redemption 2 Online
      Jones: Base hunting
      Huber & Moore: Battle Royal: Jump off the train. There will be bears.
      Hinck: Treasure Hunting.
      Bosman & Jones: Multiplayer single player story missions.

    • Octopath Traveler
      Huber: The 8 Travelers
      Bloodworth: Octopath Default
      Moore: Octopath Traveler: A Final Fantasy Story
      Bosman: Octopath Traveler name is not in the title. They will refer themselves as Octopath Travelers

    • Anthem
      Bosman: Anthem Beta
      Hinck: No Beta

    • Next Call Of Duty
      Ellis: Vietnam war
      Bosman: Main character is a woman and will be the selling point. Regular old COD.
      Bloodworth: Paranormal
      Meme: Ghostbuster style game Sigourney Weaver is the Main Character

    • Battlefield Bad Company
      Bosman & Ellis: Not named Bad Company 3
      Bloodworth: Bad Company 3
      Moore & Ellis: Snoop Dogg will be playing the game.
      Jones: Kate Blanchett and Mr. T will be playing the game

    • Fatal Frame
      Hinck: Fatal Frame is coming to the Switch
      Bloodworth: Not coming to the US

    • Pokemon Snap
      Hinck: It will be a remake

    • Spiderman
      Huber: Next time we see Spiderman it will be at E3 with a story trailer and release date

    Moore: We will see Spiderman before E3.

    Hinck: Rhino next villian shown
    Ellis: Hob Goblin next villian shown but really Venom will be shown
    Meme: Tom Hardy DLC
    Moore: Mysterio
    Jones: Rhino attacks civilians and Spiderman will try to save them

    • Hugh Jackman
      Call of Duty zombie mode

    • Sea of Thieves

    Jones & Huber: The Dip occurs in 2 weeks

    Hinck: 3 months
    Moore & Ellis: 1 month

    Bosman: The first content upgrade will have fewer than 2 million views

    • Kingdom Hearts
      Ellis: It will show the leaked world no date at E3
      Jones: Star Wars world
      Meme: Only Goofy will understand Chewie, Kanata is the crafting tutorial
      Bosman: Darkwing Duck World
      Huber: Great Mouse Detective World
      Ellis: No TV Shows
      Jones: Super Young Kurt Russel
      Hinck: Ratouille
      Cassonova: John Carter World
      Bloodworth: Flight of the Navigator
      Moore: Aristocats

    • Crackdown 3
      Meme: Crackdown is now the cloud and is making games now
      Huber: Not coming out, Early Access. 2019 release.

    • E3 2018
      Attendance will be higher

    Huber Dream Challenge

    • Resident Evil Remake demo shadow drop E3 and full release on Halloween
    • Shenmue 3 releasing in 2018
    • Batman Beyond
    • Red Dead Redemption 2 online will have a farming simulator turned into a bank robber
    • Days Gone will scratch Hubers The Last of Us itch

    End Huber Dream Challenge

    • Days Gone vs State of Decay
      Everyone: Days Gone sells more

    • God of War Opencritic score will be higher or lower than 90
      Bloodworth, Huber: Higher
      Others: Lower

    • Dreams will have license DLC
      Everyone: Yes

    • Detroit Become Human scene after Detective Connor rooftop scene
      Ellis: Police precinct
      Hinck: Cuts to another character
      Jones: Interview android westworld scene
      Huber: Hacker scene
      Bloodworth: Character in a diner

    • How much exposure will Yoshi get at E3
      Bloodworth: Yoshi comes out the Friday before E3
      Ellis: comes out the week after E3

    • Animal Crossing
      Bloodworth: 3rd week of September
      Bosman: Shown at E3
      Moore: August

    Turkey Challenge

    • Rocksteady
      Ready in March.
      Huber: Batman Beyond
      Jones: Justice League
      Bosman: Harry Potter

    • From Software
      Everyone: Cold Turkey

    • Coalition
      Bosman: Turkey is cooking nicely for 2018 release
      Meme: Crackdown 3 is on the case
      Huber: Gears of War X Battle Royal

    • Retro
      Bosman: Hot Turkey

    • Obsidian
      Turkey is not even in the oven

    • Nintendo Sakurai
      Cold Turkey

    END Turkey Challenge

    • What is the next game that will piss people off with their microtransactions
      Huber: Pokemon

    • Next Pokemon game
      Will be on the Switch 2018
      Bosman: 2 pokemon games almost a remake of red and blue
      Moore: Red and Blue will be on Switch by December 1st

    • Jurassic Park Evolution
      Casonova: Park last forever

    • Destroy All Humans!
      Casonova: Serious game

    • How many updates in 2018 about Monster Hunter
      Bloodworth: 7
      Huber: 15
      Moore: 20

    • How long will Huber play World of Warcraft
      Ellis: 22 days
      Bosman: 5 days

    • Should we give up on Resident Evil 2 Remake
      Everyone: No

    • Final Fantasy VII Remake in 2018
      Everyone: No

    • Cyberpunk trailer length at E3
      Jones: 2 minutes 10 seconds

    • Elder Scrolls VI
      Moore: The Game Awards out before March 2019

    They were meme-ing to much here so I lost track

    • Avengers
      Jones: It will be at E3

    • Borderlands 3
      In 2018 Battle Royal

    • Shawn Layden shirt at PSX

  • Oh cool they actually did my idea.