Why is THIS Game so Expensive?

  • @Yoshi The point of the topic is about challenging or justifying the suggested retail price of games, not discussing discounts and reward programs that can bring down the base price. There's already other topics for that. If I wanted the game, I could get it for about $48, but that doesn't justify it being $60 in the first place, because if it was $40 in the first place, I'd get it for around $32 with the same discount.

    @DIPSET I feel for everyone who lives places games cost ridiculously more for no good reason. That mindset of challenging whether a game is worth the asking price compared to level of enjoyment or value you perceive to get from it is precisely what this topic is about. If there's any game you would be interested in but are frustrated that it simply does not seem worth the asking price, this is where to vent those feelings.

  • @Yoshi Not many price match on games in Canada. Costco will regularly sell games here for ten/twenty dollars less than you would find them anywhere else though.
    Hell, saw Star Wars Battlefront 2 for 23 bux there the other day and almost picked it up.

  • @DIPSET im in NB its 15% tax here

  • @FF7Cloud

    Yikes. I live downtown Toronto so basically EVERYTHING is expensive. Not just games. So my food better taste good too or else I'm not buying it either.

  • @FF7Cloud American pricing system is stupid imo. $50 price + 15% of $50

    why not just include the 15% tax in the price tag in the first bloody place?

  • @Yoshi

    I think it's because some products aren't taxed. Idk really. Some places write the tax built into their labels but maybe on a website it won't make sense because every province has different taxes. Here in Ontario it's 13%, New Brunswick is 15%, Alberta doesn't even have sales taxes.

  • @Yoshi yea our games are 79.99 and with tax their 91.99

  • Id say thats a complaint for when it comes out. Return to dreamland was 50 and you can tell a lot more goes into it than a 3ds game

  • Even though I enjoy Transformers devastation, the price was a bit too high. Sure, you got five different playable characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and a ton of challenge arenas after you finish the main game, not to mention the two other unlockable difficulties, but the price should have been for 40. Originally Activision was going to charge $30 for it, but they saw how much effort Platinum put into the game so they felt Justified and saying make it 50 instead of 30. I still had no regrets buying the game though.

    You want to talk about expensive; how about all the crab Ubisoft, EA, and Activision pull off with these $30-40 or sometimes $50 season passes for games that are already $60. And then you got the DLC and all those stupid loot boxes. This is why I'm strictly buying games from small or mid Japanese developers. I nearly don't see this bullshit from them as much at all. It's why I avoid most AAA (Jim Sterling mocking voice) games. Especially those from the West.

  • @DIPSET here in Australia we include goods & services tax in all our prices and if the business isn't registered for GST or if the product doesn't fall under GST, then they just don't include the GST in the price tag.