Dealing with missing comments in Patreon posts

  • This was on the latest Cup of Jones, but I've decided to repost it in case some patroons haven't watched it.

    I've recently had a couple of problems with posting a comment to Community Showcase. The first problem is a new one: my comment was deleted immediately after posting. I was able to make comments with different text, but when I posted what I wanted to post, or edit previously posted comments with desired text, my comment was deleted the moment I’ve refreshed the page. I've reached out to Patreon, and they said that my comments had been marked as spam by their third-party provider. They manually removed them from the spam filter, and after that all my missing comments had appeared.

    Another problem is well-known: top comments can disappear after a while. I haven’t received response from Patreon yet, but my observation shows that this happens when total number of comments is close to some specific number. If it getting closer to this number, then adding new comments to the post will make one or more top comments disappear. But if we bypass it by adding some more comments then there is a good chance that missing top comments will appear again. Unfortunately, this recovery isn’t permanent, because after several hours top comments can disappear again, even if no comments were added or removed. But it’s possible to bring missing comments back again by repeating this procedure. Also it seems that there is a limit to a number of comments that can be recovered with this method, so it's better to make a duplicate while you can.

    In summary, if comment can’t be posted at all, then text modification or splitting comment in two parts may help. If comment is near the top, then it’s in danger of being deleted, but there is a chance to recover it by making several additional comments. And in both cases it’s a good idea to contact Patreon’s support.

    Note for Mods: Not sure if this is the right place to post this. If not, please move this to more appropriate thread.

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    Thanks for this clarification!

    Also this place will do for the post.

    Personally I feel like patreon are really unstable with their commenting section. Making a comment are normally fine. However it seem like the editing a comment are the danger here. I remember making comments for the early cup of jones and then baffled that he didnt read it I checked back and the post was gone. I think the "best" thing to do if you want to edit a post is to copy your comment and edit it in like notepad, word etc, refresh the page, see if the comment still lasts. If not make a new post with the edited material. I dont know if its much else we as users can do more than hope for Patreon to get their act together, unfortunately.

  • I guess editing is another issue because these two have nothing to do with it. The first depends on the text of the comment (no matter posted, or edited), the second - on the total number of comments (including replies) for the post. I personally never had problems with editing, it always worked for me.

  • Because I've had Community Comments/Cup of Jones/Love & Respect submissions fall victim to this, what I've learned to do is open Word, Notepad, or another such program, write what I want to write, make sure it's grammatically correct, then post it once.

    If it's wrong in some way, then my comment will stay that way, because I do NOT trust Patreon's comments program.