Feedback: Can threads have page's instead please?

  • one thing i've noticed about the layout of this website that can get abit irritating at times is the way how in every thread on the site, every single post is on the exact same single page. i'd much rather there be like 20 or 30 posts per page then be able to skip to whichever page i like in the conversation like on other forums like GT in the old days or on the escapist.

    an example of this irritation is i just went into the gaming discussion thread "EZA's top 25 Best of 2017 thread" because i'm curious about which games have been voted and where on the top 25 list they are placed.

    however that thread has 326 bloody comments in it atm. i really don't want to have to load every single damn comment in that thread and scroll through it all just to find out what the top 25 voted games are and where they place.

    so yeah was wondering if Admins/Staff could look into possibly changing how this forum's threads are formatted and laid out?

  • I think you can actually change that in the Settings and choose to have pages, check it out!

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    As Axel said, its all possible to change in the settings, just need to check the box. This makes everything so much easier as the flow are a mess once the topics become really long.

    0_1518004530753_Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 11.54.52 AM.png

  • Click on your avatar on the top right

    alt text

    Go to settings

    alt text
    Check the box for pagination.

  • Done. TY.

  • this should be the default imo, it is much much better way of having things displayed