Osaka Trip

  • Aloha Allies,

    About a week ago I came back from a trip to Osaka, Japan for business/fun and I thought I would post some pictures I took on the trip.

    The first one includes pictures from around the city. The Shinsekai area where my hotel was, the large park around the Osaka Museum and Zoo, the Shitennoji Temple, Osaka Castle, a close to 360 view from the top of it, then two awesome little things I found near my hotel; an amazing arcade, (man I miss those), and an extensive Gacha store. I also visited this huge 8 story Onsen near my hotel. -->Album 1<--

    The second album includes pictures from Universal Studios Japan. There was a huge special event going on, which was promoting Japanese popular culture. They had a Final Fantasy ride, (effing amazing), a Monster Hunter ride, (which I unfortunately missed out on due to timing of the Fast Passes and the long lines for this one), a Detective Conan murder mystery cafe, and a Sailor Moon event. There was also plenty unique event food to enjoy. They had Minions and Spiderman steamed buns, which I wish I could of photoed. I also didn't get to ride on the two flagship roller coasters, as they were down for maintenance for the month of January. I was only there for one day and they closed quite early due to Winter hours, so I definitely need to go back to catch the rest of the content before it ends in June. Some of the cross-park rides were different too. The Spiderman 3D and Harry Potter ride were slightly longer with added content, while the Harry Potter roller coaster was abit shorter than I remember. -->Album 2<--

    Hope you enjoy the pictures. I had a blast despite having to walk around with a cane. Aloha, Namzor

    (Oh and please don't direct link the albums if you share them with others, they are both hidden.)

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    I approve of this! love to see pictures of the world and if I got a chance I would travel to Japan in a heartbeat!

    thank you for the pictures and it seems like you had a great time! Especially Osaka seems to have very interesting contrasts of new and old in the city.

  • I hope you at least ate the steamed buns, they're delicious snacks which are painfully rare elsewhere in the world.

  • I did try them, both were really good. The Minions one was char-siu, and the Spiderman one was a type of curry. So good. I think there was another one too, but I didn't try it. My friend took some more pictures of the food. Gonna see if she can send me some, so I can add them with another album. Will update if possible.

  • My friend sent me pictures of some of the unique food we ate at Universal, if you're interested. Almost all of it was quite good to excellent. -->Album 3<--