The Kerbal Space Program PS4 port is pretty rough.

  • For starters, they gave about zero fucks toward adapting the interface to a controller, so you basically move a mouse pointer with the left stick or sixaxis (which thankfully can be disabled). Then there's the way the music randomly cuts out, the graphical glitches, and the frequent crashing. Seriously, in maybe 10 hours of play so far, the thing has blue-screened at least three times. I didn't play the PC port, maybe it's buggy too, but damn...

    All that said, I'm having a hell of a lot of fun playing it (and learning some basic rocket science, too). I can live with the mouse-stick interface. It's relatively tweakable, and I've pretty much gotten used to it. There are some button-combo shortcuts for a lot of things, if I memorized them I could probably avoid a lot of it. A stability patch would sure be nice though.

  • What about the Wii U version?

  • @DMCMaster No idea. I did hear they were going to support the touch screen, so it could be pretty slick. Assuming they take the time to do it right. Not too sure about this team that's doing the porting, though.

  • Did you try the touch pad?

  • @Whoaness Yeah, doesn't seem to do anything, at least not pointer-wise. Clicking it toggles the HUD on and off, but swiping does nothing. I was gonna try a USB mouse, but I've figured out how to avoid the pointer for everything I commonly do already.

  • Ug, that's disappointing, thanks for the head's up. :\

  • Always sad to see rushed/unpolished ports. Sometimes I wish developers wouldn't even bother unless they were serious about delivering a good product.

  • @StuffOnARock Don't get me wrong, it's still a super-fun game for anybody who likes deep simulations and/or science (particularly physics). I've gotten entirely used to the interface, and judging by the youtube videos I've watched the graphics and audio glitches are largely carried over from the PC version. The crashes are still annoying but mostly crop up at the same point, so I've learned to quicksave right before that. Given the amount of fun this is providing (and seems like it will for quite a long time) the $40 asking price is reasonable. I'd call it 4 out of 5, but I'm a huge nerd for this kind of stuff.

  • ah man that sucks, i was really hoping it would end up on ps4 at some point. hopefully they will fix it soon.