My Musical Fix of the Mass Effect 3 ending

  • "It's been almost 6 yeeears, c'mon brooo" no, no, I did this because I loved the music but today I decided to assemble a little video for it, and share it with you guys.

    Context required: Play the trilogy or just watch and get spoiled and enjoy the little remix with addendum.

    Personally I'd have wished for a completely different concept for the ending or even most of ME3's plot, but alas it was as it was and taking that concept I decided to tweak it a little bit, as implied with the imagery in the video, and that's more or less how I would've "fixed" one vital part of the ending.

    Regardless, it's just a little thing I made in my spare time because I like the soundtrack. Here you go :)

    Mass Effect 3 - Catalyst Happy Ending