Replaying games vs Backlog.

  • @El-Shmiablo Okay waiting for the kids to go to bed & me & the Missus are starting Dead Space.

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    Play what you wanna play, playa.
    I've beaten Dead Space like 10 times already, but that doesn't mean I'm going to feel bad about playing it again with the cinematic mod installed.

    Sure you might not progress as fast as somebody who dedicates themselves to one or two games at a time, but who the fuck are you trying to impress?

    I don't think anyone is out there to impress. I think the only thing that pushes me to perhaps choose something new instead is the passion to explore the media. Not that I disagree with you of course, you should still play what you want to play, and I do my fair share if replays. But with only so much time, and so many great looking games I'm itching to try and discover, I do quite often prioritise the stuff that I've never beaten.

  • @Sheria That's basically how I feel.
    Do I have another Mass Effect, Witcher or Dishonored sitting in my collection waiting to be discovered?

  • Always play what you want to play. Gaming is supposed to be pastime, not a chore.

    I can quit midpoint replaying a game, but I can't stop when I'm tackling the ol' backlog. I also have a hard time starting something new if a have a narrative going. Other than those "rules" (more like OCPDesque-tendencies) I play what I feel like.

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    @FutureCorpse Good choice.
    Dead Space is very analogous to the Alien movies. First is superb horror, second is superb action, and they didn't make any more after that.

  • I'm on "Play What You Want To Play", but a lot of what I want to play is also on my Backlog, so that clinches a lot of that (though not all of that).

  • I don’t really force myself to play games. I find that just leads to me resenting the game and I don’t want that. For that reason I have a lot of games that I’m partway through or almost done with. Those are my “backlog”. I usually look up the ending if I’m invested in the story. A lot of my favorite games took me years to complete. I also don’t play a whole lot of new games. I’m on a tight budget, and I never really feel the pressure to keep up with the zeitgeist. I’ll enjoy a game 2 years after it came out just as much as I would have on the day of release. The only times I play a game at release is if I’m really hyped for it. Which happens about 2-3 times per year.

  • I usually prioritize backlogs, but i don't force it, because i don't want another Doom (2016) situation where i just played it with the mindset of just finishing it and i ended up quitting halfway. Replaying games is a way for me to help keep things fresh a bit, and when i'm in the mood, i'm playing games from my backlog again.

  • Funny how Dead Space is being mentioned, I’ve been dying to replay it but I’ve got DB Fighterz, RE7 Gold Edition, Friday the 13th and Need for Speed Payback on my backlog

  • Go with the flow and play what you want to play I think it’s not bad to have a backlog. Same true for books, films, music. We won’t die as “completionists” (unless your name is Elon Musk), so better get used to the idea of unfinished business.

  • i randomly started replaying ff9 and boys am i havng a great time

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    After been playing new games for the past couple months, I felt it was a really nice and welcoming break to pick up a game I know well and enjoy roaming around in, so I've now spent about 12 hours in Skyrim.

  • Despite my interest of always trying to move forward in more games and beat more games, I'm currently replaying Persona 3 FES, and the remake of Odin Sphere, which I've beaten multiple times already, I just feel it is nice to revisit all favorites and see how they stack up now, particularly with P3 as I'm interested in rexamining the evolution of the games up to 5

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    I'm fully pumped to replay the SHIT out of Burnout Paradise with the remaster. Probably platinum it on a sitting.