Replaying games vs Backlog.

  • Go with the flow and play what you want to play I think it’s not bad to have a backlog. Same true for books, films, music. We won’t die as “completionists” (unless your name is Elon Musk), so better get used to the idea of unfinished business.

  • i randomly started replaying ff9 and boys am i havng a great time

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    After been playing new games for the past couple months, I felt it was a really nice and welcoming break to pick up a game I know well and enjoy roaming around in, so I've now spent about 12 hours in Skyrim.

  • Despite my interest of always trying to move forward in more games and beat more games, I'm currently replaying Persona 3 FES, and the remake of Odin Sphere, which I've beaten multiple times already, I just feel it is nice to revisit all favorites and see how they stack up now, particularly with P3 as I'm interested in rexamining the evolution of the games up to 5

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    I'm fully pumped to replay the SHIT out of Burnout Paradise with the remaster. Probably platinum it on a sitting.