What are your top 10 Game of Decade (starting from 2010 to onwards)

  • It should be noted that I haven't played that many new releases, especially in the last couple years. Been playing older stuff lately.

    -Deadly Premonition
    -Harmony Summer Hardpack Tape 11-in-1
    -Portal 2
    -Super Hexagon
    -Max Payne 3
    -Papers Please

  • In no order

    Batman Arkham City
    Tomb Raider
    Rise of the Tomb Raider
    Sleeping Dogs
    RE 7
    Dead Space 2
    Forza Horizon
    The Walking Dead Season 1
    Dead Island

  • Rawr! Timid top 10 threads... Everyone who doesn't rank their choices won't get a chocolate chip cookie (nor a +1). Gotta sweeten the pot. (^_<)〜☆

    Also: Where's the Souls-bros at? I can't be the poster child for Souls advocacy when I'm so behind with the series.

  • Oh god! This is actually way more difficult than how I first imagined it. So let's try this.

    Also I consider this to be a list of my FAVORITE games of the decade.The quality is still a big part of it but if it was the list of the best games it would be completely different. Also this list will probably be completely different at the end of 2018, so... please be excited?

    1. Divinity original sin 2
    2. Dark souls 3
    3. Xenoblade Chronicles
    4. Valley
    5. Rime
    6. Skyrim
    7. Brothers: A tale of two sons
    8. Civilization 6
    9. The Talos principle
    10. Ori and the blind forest

  • I've just realised I need to hand my weeb card in & how conservative my taste really is. My list as follows, all 10 games in joint 1st place.

    Witcher 3. Game of the Year Edition
    Mass Effect 2
    Dishonoured. The Definitive Edition
    Deus Ex. Human Evolution
    Life is Strange
    Metro Redux
    Xenoblade Chronicles
    Last of Us
    Tomb Raider (2013)
    Final Fantasy 15.

    I tried to keep it one game per series to make my list less boring. Honourable mentions. Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Dishonered 2,Death of the outsider & Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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    I've decided I dont want to rank my 10 games, but Rather just list them as they all are really good in its own ways. These are 10 games, but all in just a list

    1. Mass Effect 2
      alt text
    2. The Last of Us
      alt text
    3. Life is Strange
      alt text
    4. Elders Scroll V: Skyrim
      alt text
    5. Titanfall 2
      alt text
    6. Nier Automata
      alt text
    7. Horizon: Zero Dawn
      alt text
    8. Journey
      alt text
    9. Bioshock: Infinite
      alt text
    10. Starcraft 2
      alt text

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    In no particular order:
    Dead Space 2
    Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls
    Smash 4 WiiU
    Tribes Ascend (in it's prime)
    Wipeout HD/Fury/2048/Omega Collection
    Burnout Paradise
    Final Fantasy XIV
    Gravity Rush
    Max Payne 3

    Games that are also in my top ten but aren't on that list because top tens are bullshit:
    Sleeping Dogs
    Street Fighter V
    Motorstorm Apocalypse
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Basically whatever the latest incarnation of Worms is
    Code of Princess

  • My own favorites, Not necessarily the best (although they clearly are the best) games.

    1. Bloodborne
    2. Dark Souls
    3. Persona 5
    4. Yakuza 0
    5. Witcher 3
    6. Super Mario Odyssey
    7. Dark Souls 3
    8. Breath of the Wild
    9. The Last of Us
    10. Titanfall 2

    Pretty tough list to make, and i keep feeling like i'm forgetting something, but whatever. When i've put some distance between myself and It, i have a strong feeling the remake of Shadow of the Colossus is going to fit snugly into my list somewhere. Maybe Monster Hunter: World too...

  • From 10 to 1:

    LA Noire
    Civilization V
    Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
    Persona 5
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    The Stanley Parable
    Batman: Arkham City
    Mass Effect 2
    Persona 4 Golden
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    Pretty sure i'm forgetting some games here. Anyways nice to see some love for Human Revolution in the op, i love this game to pieces, played through at least 6 times.

  • 10 The Last of Us
    9 Persona 5
    8 Hotline Miami
    7 Stardew Valley
    6 Shovel Knight
    5 Dragon's Dogma
    4 Nier Automata
    3 Red Dead Redemption
    2 Dark Souls
    1 Bloodborne

  • Dark souls
    Demon's souls
    Witcher 3
    Trails in the sky FC/SC
    Xenoblade chronicles

    after this im kinda stuck

  • I haven't been as hot on 2010-2018 as I was 2000-2010, but the games I love this decade I really really like. I'd even go as far to say that some years are just plain lacking like how Journey (a very short indie game) was basically GOTY 2012. I've obsessed over the Souls series and ranking Bloodborne vs Dark Souls is painful, but they may as well both be my favourite game of the decade so far. Very few games have quenched me like Souls has since playing them originally. This list and it's order is mostly pointless. These are just the games that come to mind when I think about having a blast and for a long period of time. Most are filled with memories with friends which help their case.

    The problem with this decade is that everything is so AAA and expensive. I miss my old batch of favourite games that aren't necessarily "the best" but they are insanely fun to play: SSX, Tony Hawk, Battlefront, LOTR Return of the King, Animal Crossing, Overlord, Stranglehold, Ninety-Nine Nights, Mercenaries 2, the list goes on. They just don't make these types of B-Tier games anymore. I feel like this discussion is worth a thread of its own.

    1 - Bloodborne
    2 - Dark Souls
    3 - Uncharted 4
    4 - Yakuza 0
    5 - The Last of Us
    6 - Persona 5
    7 - God of War III
    8 - The Witcher II
    9 - Fallout New Vegas
    10 - Dead Rising 2

    HM's: Nier Automata, LittleBigPlanet 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Rocket League, Until Dawn, P.T., The Witcher III, Inside, Dark Souls III.

  • My top 10 list:
    10- Catherine (2011)
    9- Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
    8- Yoshi's Woolly World (2015)
    7- Doom (2016)
    6- The King of Fighters XIII (2013)
    5- Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
    4- 3D Dot Game Heroes (2010)
    3- Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (2014)
    2- The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (2013)
    1- Bloodborne (2015)

    Top 10 games that I still need to play:
    10- The Wonderful 101
    9- Legend of Grimrock games
    8- Nioh
    7- Nier games
    6- Witcher games
    5- Shin Megami Tensei IV + Persona 5 + Tokyo Mirrage Sessions
    4- Guilty Gear Xrd
    3- Xcom games
    2- 3DS Fire Emblem games
    1- Divinity: Original Sin Games

    1. Persona 5
    2. Catherine
    3. The Witcher 3
    4. Persona 4 Golden
    5. The Legened of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    6. Mass effect 2
    7. Bloodborne
    8. Uncharted 4
    9. Journey
    10. Overwatch

    In specific order because I want that cooke from @Chocobop

    Honorable mentions: Mario Kart 8, Until Dawn, Transistor, Super Mario Odyssey, Portal 2, Danganronpa THH, DBFZ, Last Guardian, Super Smash Bros. WiiU, WipEout Omega Collection, Last of us

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    @fridge-man Oh man I always forget about Until Dawn. Such a great game.
    Ash is my waifu.

  • In no specific order

    Grand Theft Auto V
    Ultra Street Fighter IV
    Super Mario Odyssey
    Yoshi's Wooly World
    Portal 2
    Shin Megami Tensei IV
    Super Mario Maker
    The Witness
    NHL 11

    Honorable mentions: Mario Kart 8, PES 18, Fallout New Vegas, Ni No Kuni

  • @black-cell said in What are your top 10 Game of Decade (starting from 2010 to onwards):


    it seem like you really really like Prey. you dont put FPS games in top list especially if it includes tons of JRPGs.

    I just wish its combat and enemy design were much better.

    Cant wait for System Shock Reboot and of course 3. if prey can be worthy successor. system shock reboot which will be more deeper will blow everything out of water.

    It is a bit of a rarity in a way, and I like to see that as a testament to how good Prey really is. Look, I agree that Prey has ways in which it could be better, but I feel what made it so compelling was that it held the closest resemblance to the types of games we were used to receiving during the golden era of gaming, and it almost felt like a small light in the dark.

    It's actually due to Prey that I now hold out hope for the reboot. A part of me hopes that developers are now picking up on the fact that they need to be more attentive as to what made things work so well in the past.

  • @sheria I agree that reboots are doing best this generation

    Doom reboot
    Hitman Reboot
    Prey Reboot

    and next is System Shock reboot.

    shame that wolfenstein reboot games absolutely suck.

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    @black-cell System Shock is getting a remake, not a reboot.
    And why does the new Wolfenstien suck?