Secret of Mana (PS4/Vita/PC)

  • I got the Snes mini, but I held of from playing Secret of Mana because I knew there was a remake on the way. The remake is finally here, but the question is yet to be answered: is the remake worth getting over the original for someone who hasn't previously divulged?

  • Maybe. I haven't played the Remake, but currently struggling to play through the original on my SNES Classic. I recommend you at least put some time into that version and see if you actually like the game, because it's pretty different from standard JRPG fare and kinda rough without extra real players controlling the additional characters.


    I personally was turned off by the artsyle and voice acting. Rather of had a remaster of the original to play on ps4.

  • @cgamor7 hopefully the switch collection gets brought over then.

  • Based on what I've read and seen:

    • Basically the same as the SNES version in terms of gameplay (a few tweaks here and there).
    • Better dialogue/script. Also added scenes (like when you sleep at inns) that help flesh out the main characters.
    • Added english/japanese VA. Some think they're good, others less so. But they can be turned off.
    • Most people don't like the re-arranged music (myself included) so people recommend playing with the original soundtrack (an option in the game).

    I say this as someone that grew up with the original and loves it to this day. The remake is the better game.

  • Updated script, movement and combat are inherently better. Character voices add much needed personality.

    New OST isn't as good as I'd hoped for, switched to the OG soundtrack immediately.

    Being able to hit monsters while they're down instead of waiting for their I-Frames to wear off is nice, boss fights are less clunky with 3D models.

    I mean personally as much as I love the original I fully embrace this remake, though there is some things I liked better about the original, like the sound effects and spritework.

  • @zylowolfbane I agree. There's too much nostalgia goggles on for the first game most things have been improved (except the AI which is still awful). I wish they would have made it look like Legend of Mana, but I suppose they didn't want to put that kind of budget into it.

  • Jason Schreier from Kotaku said on the Split Screen Podcast that it is very boring, they meddled with the score a bit too much, and he's generally not impressed.

  • Personally, I'm eager to get into this remake. It's clear this isn't going to be a modern masterpiece, but I like the graphics and from what I've heard the new music and gameplay tweaks are solid. The Japanese VO is included too, what's really to complain about? The only thing that makes me frown is there is chatter about occasional technical issues and weird implementation details (like not having the ring menu centered on the character it corresponds to). I expect that when it is fully patched I will have little to complain about and can enjoy replaying SoM with the core game mixed up a little bit. Admittedly I'm not in the market for buying this game right away, but count me in as enthused for this one.

  • I had to laugh at the IGN review complaining about the character designs looking weird, when they basically just used the clay models that were in the SNES instruction manual. That's how they were always meant to look.

  • @dipset Seeing it's coming from Schreier, he probably didn't even try to switch to the original soundtrack.

    @Minamik Can't spell ignorant without IGN.

    I think it's a good remake with some good additions, and it's only $40

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  • That settles it! If I'm ever getting around to playing this game it will probably be the remake, japanese VO, and original soundtrack

  • Mostly bought the game because it was Gamestop exclusive and I love to collect physical releases. Too deep into MHW but it seems fine enough to me. I liked the chibi artstyle of FFIII/IV on the DS and this feels like an evolution of that. I am a fan of dubs also and the guy playing Randi is a cool up-and-coming voice actor. He has been on a lot of shows recently and this seems to be his first leading role.

  • @cgamor7 said in Secret of Mana (PS4/Vita/PC):

    Interesting read on the original vs the new game.

    Not really, only makes me remember why I don't read Kotaku articles (also checked out the article linked to "not very good"). The journalists are downright stupid and ignorant. Then again their job is to make clickbait, not well-thought-out and interesting articles.
    But the article you linked specifically complains that the visuals don't look like the cover art. Meaning he's mad the remake didn't receive a much larger development budget. But frankly the game wouldn't have sold much more even if the visuals were better.

    Either way, reading both articles was a waste of time.

  • @suplextrain I've never known kotaku to be known for click bait. Not that they're free from it but it's one of the better sites depending on the writer. Also, your free to disagree with them. He also discusses the design and theme differences of the two games not just the cover of the game. I dont expect ppl to take everything they read and agrree or disagree with it wholly. It's there to see broader perspectives.

    I personally don't like the VA, or art. It looks horrible in my opinion. They could have just released an HD version of the original. But it's out, ppl like it and thatsl is great, enjoy. But it's good to have some different perspectives for ppl interested in it but aren't sure. Many ppl are debating on playing the original or this one first, and many I'm sure will play both.

  • @cgamor7 said:

    I've never known kotaku to be known for click bait.

    Are you kidding? They frequently "write stories" like what's trending on Reddit. It's mostly clickbait with a small portion of real news.

  • @cgamor7 said in Secret of Mana (PS4/Vita/PC):

    I've never known kotaku to be known for click bait.

    Well then our definitions of clickbait clearly differ. If you think most of their content is quality then by all means keep clicking it.

    @cgamor7 said in Secret of Mana (PS4/Vita/PC):

    It's there to see broader perspectives.

    Kinda hard when they don't challenge your ideas or create thought-provoking content. They generally just show how narrow-minded, stupid or ignorant they are. Like the article you linked.
    Basically that entire article can be summed up with "the remake doesn't look like the art, so it's shit!". Like wow, such insight.
    The other article is just dumb and doesn't even make a good case, so it's even less worth discussing. Sorry, but Kotaku is just a big waste of time. Worthless articles and a subpar news site.

    They could have just released an HD version of the original.

    What do you mean? By using filters or redrawing all of it? The former is pointless and the latter is too time consuming and expensive.
    I don't live in a dreamworld where I think they could make an expensive Secret of Mana remake and have tons of people buy it, which is apparantely what some delusional people believe.

  • @cgamor7 said in Secret of Mana (PS4/Vita/PC):

    @suplextrain I've never known kotaku to be known for click bait.

    Well it's not AS bad as Polygon or Waypoint but Kotaku clickbaits pretty hard.