Just finished Ni No Kuni (ps3) *spoilers*

  • So.. I just finished Ni No Kuni on my trusty PS3 and and I loved it!

    After around 65+ hours I really feel like I experienced the game as intended; the world is so alive and the music is absolutely astounding. I for one loved the companions, the turn-based combat and the grinding (for the most part).

    I was level 59 (Oliver) when I battled Zodiarchy, though lots of my companions were way lower in level. I loved my Puss in Boots (pirate), Captain Whamtastic (ow yeah), Neolith (best tank ever), Sinister Sovereign (Ice Queen), Umberwood and Batterhorn.
    Some recommended familiars I never used, like Dinoceros or Auroralynx. Some I got really late ingame; wasn't going to put in all the grinding to level them up.

    Only letdown for me is the game-plus/post ending gameplay. I know there are even more bosses to fight.. but the the stakes just aren't as high anymore. Also, no new spells post-final boss sucks (already got Astra before Zodiarchy). Also, never got into the casino mini-games.

    I know for lots of you this game is ancient history, since it came out years ago :-) But in the vein of the sequel almost coming out: what were your experiences with this fantastic game?


  • I hate starting a thread on a negative note, but not as much as I hate Ni No Kuni.

    Easily my biggest let down in gaming ever, I'm hopeful the sequel will be much better but after my experience with the first I'll only get it after I can find a cheap copy of it.

  • I didn't have a good experience with Ni No Kuni. It was a significant release, so I did grab the Wizard Edition, I wasn't impressed with the game though.

    I for one didn't mind the combat though, I find it more enjoyable than your standard action RPG. The story and characters however, I found extremely childish, and none of its themes ended up appealing. Teen content I'm fine with, as that still appeals to an adult, children's fairy tales, which is what I get from NNK, don't though.

  • @bard91 YOWZA!! Care to expand? Was it mostly a let down after expecting Ghibli level story or was it gameplay or a massive combination of all things?

    Personally, I bought it when it came out but didn't play it until a year or two ago. Hot take: the art is the best part of this game. This is not to knock everything else, the art is just that good. I remember liking the music but can't seem to remember any of it. The combat I can understand being divisive but I was ok with it. I do feel like it should have been either more on the action side or more on the turn-based side as it does feel restricting at times.

    There are two gripes I remember having. The first was the world map and how Oliver is not well-scaled to it so that it kind of feels like you are walking on a map rather than in a world - if that makes sense outside of my head. This was a huge contrast to the towns, which I felt really pulled me in, for the most part.

    That leads me to my second gripe which was that, after Ding Dong Dell, the towns were not as impressive to me. To be fair, Ding Dong Dell set the bar super high so I can't say that I was ever disappointed but I would say I was never as impressed by another town as I was by Ding Dong Dell.

    Aside from these minor issues, I really enjoyed my time with it.

    FYI, missing out on Dinoceros is kind of a blessing in disguise as it becomes a one beast show if you raise it right.

  • @sheria I kind of feel the other way. As a real life grown up, the over the top emotions in teen stuff makes me shudder and/or laugh most times.

  • Loved the game too, even platinum'd it.

  • I loved the game never finished it thought got up to the part to battle the evil wizard guy (forget his name) the battle system needs some work witch i hope they do in the sequel the story was okish enough i guess

  • @e_zed_eh_intern it was a combination of many things, one of which was being incredibly excited for the game and it turning out to be oh so lacking and bad in many aspects.

    The charm the game had faded away after a few hours after combat showed how bad and poorly thought out it was, which made getting through the game nothing short of a frustration exercise, the story wasn't really interesting and neither was the world after a point, not to mention that the ending was beyond unsatisfying. But the biggest thing for me was how dumbed down the dialogue was and how little respect it had for the player having to make light out of even the most obvious things.

    In short, I expected greatness from the game, and I don't think it was even decent, it was outright bad in most aspects.

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  • I'm the only one I know that loves the familiar system, so it's nice hearing someone else took to it!
    I think you hit the nail on the head - I loved the game when I played it for all the reasons you stated. I also never got into the post-game, but I rarely do so that doesn't really mean anything. I know some people really disliked the combat, but I enjoyed it for the most part. Overall one of my favorites!

  • Thanks for all the great replies!

    @sheria said in Just finished Ni No Kuni (ps3) *spoilers*:

    I for one didn't mind the combat though, I find it more enjoyable than your standard action RPG. The story and characters however, I found extremely childish, and none of its themes ended up appealing. Teen content I'm fine with, as that still appeals to an adult, children's fairy tales, which is what I get from NNK, don't though.

    I thought the story was really nice, although it was sweet and like a fairytale, there was lots of cool stuff in it. The depiction of the fairies was hilarious and the prince/frog backstory was pretty dark. Also, I loved the conflict between Swaine and his father, his little brother. The fact that Swaine wasn't destined to become a great wizard, I though was real nicely portrayed.

    @Musou-Tensei you platinum'd it..? That takes some real dedication, the postgame stuff, everything leading up to the "master of worlds" is harsh.. and the reward sucks! Come on.. who needs a freakin' car to drive around in AFTER you finish the entire game?? It's almost evil haha

  • I thought the Wizard's Companion (the book) was a far more interesting and impressive addition than the familiar system (which was just a bad pokemon sort of system). The familiar system also directly tied into the weak combat, so I'm not sad to see it gone.

  • I loved Ni No Kuni! It’s probably the most traditional RPG I’ve ever played, story wise, and I thought that the experience was positively magical. The music, the art, the story, everything just really immersed me into the world. I’ve come back to it many times just because it feels good to play. I suppose this is an uncommon opinion, but Ni No Kuni has one of my favorite battle systems ever. I like the Real Time/Monster/Menu fusion, and it’s one for few battle systems I never grew to hate with time. I can’t speak to the post game since I never played it, but I left the game feeling very satisfied. I played the sequel at E3 last year and I am beyond excited for Revenant Kingdom! I found the new battle system slightly confusing at times, but I beat the boss just fine. I think I would probably understand it better if I had more than 15 minutes to play. But besides that, Revenant Kingdom is absolutely gorgeous! I’m honestly shocked at how well realized the world is.

  • I bought Ni No Kuni solely because it said on the back that it had an option to play in Japanese with English subs. I was going to get a tales game, but couldn’t find one in the store and thought “that looks anime enough.”

    It’s so whimsical and fun, best kid’s game I’ve ever played. Well, best game that’s made me feel like a kid again anyway. The combat was one of my favourite things about the game, so the hate on that bewildered me since in my eyes it’s absolutely perfect for my hypothetical dream Pokémon on Switch game. Great game, gimme the sequel I don’t want to wait