Kingdom Come: Deliverance (PS4/XBO/PC)

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    if any allies have played this game please let me know your opinion of it

    i want this game

    i love all things medieval

  • @david-berishaj If you love medieval then yes from what I have heard.

  • It's a game you have to overlook a lot of bad stuff to get to the goods. You're better off reading a bunch of reviews to get a general idea for the game as a whole. It's definitely not a game for everyone.

  • If your a bit apprehensive give it a couple of weeks for some new patches to drop. I'm sure the developer's are working 24/7 to fix it.

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    Everythinh I've seen on it says it is a great game in a messy state.
    I'd give it a few months of patching before plunking down the dosh for it.

  • If you love all things medieval then I think it is definitely worth playing. I played about two hours last night and so far it is living up to my expectations and doing things I really like. If bugs bother you then it might be worth waiting for some patches or a price drop, but so far I haven't encountered anything too bad aside from some frame rate dips (playing on PC). I'll probably write a bit more in the 'What are you playing' thread after I've put a good amount of time in.

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    @tokeeffe9 thanks Tim. excellent mod work 10/10

  • Looked interesting but it's probably gonna need a ton of patches before it's gonna be worth it for me to check out on console, I've heard of people with PCs that are WAY more modern than mine that still struggle to run it very well.

    And that's not even counting the bugs. But eventually I'll probably pick it up.

  • Played for a few hours on PS4 pro and I like it. The story and characters have all been interesting and I like the combat even though I'm not good at it yet, but I think that's by design.

    The game looks good in my opinion, even though the first few minutes of playing was a bit jarring because of the FOV and maybe some low quality textures. But overall the game looks pretty good on pro, but I've never been to picky. You can adjust FOV slightly which helps. I would like to see saves before cut scenes and when you exit the game otherwise I don't mind. Also lock picking is horrible lol. Both those are being worked on from the devs.

    So with all that said and I'm only a few hours in but I am enjoying it a lot. The game hasn't opened up for me yet so I don't want to get to ahead of myself but I like that the world feels dynamic so far. It reminds me of oblivion with a twist and more options. We will see how I feel about it after more time.

  • I was very excited for this game. I'm at 27 hours right now so here's some quick notes:

    • The Melee combat is great. Really great. You have too keep track of stamina and positioning of you opponent(s) and you better hope you don't get flank and/or outnumbered.
    • Archery is hard. You have to predict where the arrow will fly depending on range and the quality of your bow. Stealth is even harder, as is lockpicking.
    • There are quite a few bugs and glitches, especially in melee combat in tight spaces and during cutscenes. It doesn't brake the game or make it unenjoyable, but I suggest you wait for a patch or two.
    • The world is fantastic, it oozes with depth authenticity. The characters are well written, especially those that you interact with multiple times. And some actions lead to the consequences that you didn't expect >! Damn priest! (Just like real life, I guess)

    TL;DR: Loving it so far. If you are unsure, wait for a patch or two, but don't skip it.

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    thanks @nillend you've convinced me

    i'll pick up the game soon

  • I stumbled into some random bandit camp in the middle of the woods, and barely managed to kill the bandit leader, which made his lackeys ran away. Took the loot there and the leader's fancy looking set of armor. Came back to a town to repair the armor, then wore it. After that, everybody in the town treats me like some honorable knight, calling me "sir" and all that. Even the local merchant was really honored when i turned up at his store and bargained the hell out of his stuff.

    This game is so freaking cool.

  • @bam541 Enemies fleeing a fight after you kill their leader or a handful of the group is one of the many great details that make this game feel really unique

  • It's jank, but it's a fun game. I haven't regretted my purchase for a second, I had a grand old time in Bohemia.

  • Do you enjoy a more realistic take on the Skyrim/Morrowind open world? Then you will love this game. It has about as many bugs/glitches as those two games have, but it also has this unique and highly authentic world that is just absolutely brilliant to go through. Plus the developers have been constantly updating/fixing/improving the game since its launch.

    Definitely a must-buy.