games that lower ones rate of vibration

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    i would like some recommendations for games that don't raise your adrenaline when you play

    i like xcom because it's turn based. you tell the soldiers what to do and then watch them do it. you get to sit back and relax when it's the aliens turn

    the sims is calm.

    right now im playing deus ex, jak and daxter, knack, and ufc. they're all action games that get you excited. rime is a good example of a game that lowers ones vibration rate, but i hate puzzle games

    edit: everyone's telling me that xcom isn't a good example. im just saying that compared to, say, halo, it is a more relaxed way of shooting aliens

    and thanks for all the replies

  • Turn based JRPGs?

  • Dustforce DX, no question. Disclaimer: it is a twitchy/action type of game, but the game is just a bunch of courses that you casually keep attempting/retrying until you clean up all the dust in the course and make it. Failure is very low key and the soundtrack is an excellent mood setter.

    Journey is another obvious game to suggest here.

    I have Expand in my Steam library because I've heard it pegged as exactly what the OP is looking for, but haven't gotten around to it yet myself.

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    @musou-tensei too much reading

  • Obviously the king franchise of comfy games. Every aspect is deliberate in an immersive fashion.
    Relaxing for the wrong reasons in that it's dull and tedious, but the soundtrack and lighting least make up for it somewhat.
    Chill series since everything is turn based. Has some of the comfiest atmospheres, although can get quite emotionally heavy.
    I've still never played Journey... but I remember playing this on PS3 and being similarly sucked into this trip of a game.
    Obviously avoid if thinking stresses you out, but the world of this franchise is very charmingly quaint.
    Game based on dreams, so warning some parts are meant to induce anxiety, yet it's perfect for trancing out at 3am. Plus, it's free on Steam.
    Struggled between this or Grow Home for chillest platforming. Some of the puzzles make you feel like an Archaeologist.
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    @mbun i couldn't have asked for a better reply. thanks a lot

  • I find „exploration games“ quite chill since there is mostly not much time sensitive actions you have to do. The likes of the Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, What Remains of Edith Finch. Maybe some form of puzzles in tVoEC but everything is voiced. However, the topics and atmosphere of these games might be unsettling…

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    I honestly wouldn't call X-Com a heart rate calmer. I know that missing a headshot with a 95% chance to hit get my blood boiling.

  • Can't forget Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. Some of the chillest games I've ever played.

  • Pokemon Gold will always be my comfort food. It's almost meditative for me at this point. Very necessary. Very happy it's on 3DS now.

  • Currently playing Zeus and Poseidon. Now that game is relaxation in videogames form. Very addicting. Also XCom never was a relaxed game to me, the opposite is true.

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    I'm currently playing through Dragon Age Inquisition right now. One thing I'm enjoying is how I can pick up the game for 15 minutes and head off in pretty much any direction and feel like I've accomplished something. I'm playing on normal difficulty so the combat is just challenging enough to not stress me out.
    Very good game to play when taking care of babby.

  • Skyrim for me, especially when you're just exploring the beautiful world at your own pace. The combat is pretty chill too, except for when you're fighting enemies like the spiders (so scary when up close).
    Singleplayer Gran Turismo Sport is also a bit calming for me. Can't say that for the multiplayer though, my god it is intense.
    Grow Home and Grow Up is fantastic too, absolutely loving just climbing around the world, it's the most relaxing experience i had in a game.

  • I love the idea for this thread but I wouldn't exactly call a game like X-Com calming.

    My list isn't calm so much as I find them comforting. I could see another thinking they are hectic. Here is my go-to list of chill out games that are sooooo comforting to me personally:

    • Skate series
    • Tony Hawk series (although these games are intense on higher difficulties)
    • Katamari series
    • SSX series
    • Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2 mini-games
    • WipeOut HD
    • Flower
    • Fight Night Champion

    I'll think of more. Really, they are just easy games to turn your brain off. I'm not saying they are easy or void of stress. I've just played these so much that I have a ton of familiarity and comfort in playing them. I can probably even add Dark Souls if I wanted to just because I'm so comfortable with it, despite it being a "stressful" game.

  • Proteus comes to mind