First Time Dungeon Master Tips

  • Hello! I'm about to start DM-ing D&D for the first time. I've read the players handbook and monster manual pretty thoroughly, and I've been using OrcPub and Roll20 to help me prepare for my adventure. I've also got a pretty good idea of what I want the main quest to look like. But I'm nervous about my actual role as DM. I've also never played before, and I was chosen to be DM because I have the most experience with the game in the sense that I watch and listen to a lot of D&D campaigns, in my group.

    Do you guys have any tips for side quests, NPC involvement, or difficulty? If you've ever been a DM before, how did you manage everything? If you've been a player before, what things do you want to see from your DM? Any advice you guys could offer would be much appreciated!

  • @michemagius Awesome I hope you are going to have fun with it. If you are looking for tips then I would say check out matt mercer GM tips

    He is probably the best GM/DM I have ever seen. I htink the most important part for a GM is have fun. if everyone is having fun then the rest comes by it left. I also think a GM should be fare that yes people can die and you may not win every battle but also not try to kill your players. trhere are many elements to a good GM and fellow players also have a big role in this.

  • First off, are you going to be in person or via roll20/some other correspondence method?
    If you’re playing in person, the biggest tip I can really give is to just stay calm and loose - there’s rarely any situation that can’t be flipped in some way to either your or the players’ advantage (and that doesn’t refer to it being combat, all forked roads could lead to the same place if you catch my drift). Besides that, try not to overwhelm the players with options, and get inside their heads to try and make the game primarily for your specific group. Give them a clear direction and they’ll pinball themselves there eventually, but you might not want to spend three hours in a town because you’ve accidentally just dumped them there and they’re running around looking for a blacksmith or something when the local florist is what they’re supposed to be going out for.

    Starting out as a DM is a ballsy thing to do so good luck and tell us how it goes!

  • @mr-m Thanks for the tips! And we’re going to be playing in person.

  • Keep an eye contact with your players. It helps to engage with the players, even if you forget what you were supposed to do. Be ready to improvise, you'll be doing it a lot. Good luck ;)