Which RE games are worth playing?

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    RE2 & RE3 are currently only available on PS3 as PS1 classics. RE2 is getting a remake within the next year or so though. Code Veronica has a HD version on PS3, I imagine it'll come to PS4 too eventually

    I wouldn't really expect REmake 2 until 2018 at the earliest. They only got it approved late last year.

  • If you can get your hands on a Gamecube version of REmake, then I'd say it's pretty much the one game absolutely worth playing.

  • I think I'm gonna hold off on REVII until I can beat 1-4 first. I've half played 5 and I got tired of it and 6 looks atrocious. 7 has promise imo.

    I guess I'll wait until the RE2 remake is out but I'm not against playing the PS1 version. I've just heard in comparions to say MgS, the RE ps1 games have aged like ass.

  • REmake is the pinnacle of the series, imho. Definitely the one to play out of the games you listed - but I really like 3 as well. Nemesis is pretty freaky

  • If you only played one, play the REmake on GameCube which was also released on PS4/XBox One/PC.

    But if you can, I'd play all the main series ones up to 4. Don't bother with 5 and 6 (just read up the lore on those if you need to know it).

    I'm personally not a big fan of 4, but it's worth playing to know about it because it is a large part of gaming history.

  • Sounds like the REmake is definitely the priority! I'll be keeping an eye out for it at a reasonable price

  • I started REmake on PS4 the other day. It actually looks super good. I wish they told you the controls but an old game is an old game. Only played a few minutes tho cause I work so much on the weekends. Gonna go HARD on RE1 on Monday.

    Again, thanks for the tips guys

  • Awesome man I might just pick up the PS4 version as well then!

  • Okey Allies, im reviving this old thread with a question about what i should play through next.
    I started my RE journey with a playthrough of 7 last year. I have since played through both zero and one remake.
    The logical step would be to play through RE 2, 3,4 and so on.
    But i dont own any of the older consols and 2 and 3/nemesis is not available on ps4 afaik.
    The ones i have bought are Code Veronica X, 4, 5, 6 and Revelations 1 and 2.
    Should i just skip 2 and 3 and head straight to CV:X?
    I have preordered 2 remake and cant wait to play it, but i need something to calm my nerves while waiting for release :)

  • @kaliber Resident Evil 4 is a timeless classic, the nature of the story in RE4 is fairly stand alone, and it stars Leon! So if you were soliciting my personal opinion, I would vote RE4. I didn't play the series in any kind of release or story order, so perhaps I'm being biased here by suggesting you don't have to either... skip CV:X for now and go with the game that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

    But if you have an appetite for a "classic" style Resident Evil game (and can't get your hands on RE2 or RE3) then that would be a good reason to play CV:X next.

  • @chocobop That's some good points, i think i might actually just play 4 and get a feel for the ots camera.
    Then play co-op 5 and 6 sometime during this summer. Have you played the Revelation games? if so, are they any good?

  • @kaliber In my opinion play code veronica x, It's a great game and since you have played re 1 and 0 It'll be better to play first all the fixed camera Resident Evil games so you can really feel the change when eventually you play Resident Evil 4. You can play 2 when the remake releases and could skip 3 since code veronica is the real Resident Evil 3 (Sony had the rights to all the numbered resident evil games at the time so Capcom couldn't call Code Veronica Resident evil 3 wich they originally intended)

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    Holy shit was I high when I recommended 6?

  • Ugh I haven't played any RE games (including 7) since I started this thread haha. Where has the time gone!

  • @kaliber said in Which RE games are worth playing?:

    @chocobop That's some good points, i think i might actually just play 4 and get a feel for the ots camera.
    Then play co-op 5 and 6 sometime during this summer. Have you played the Revelation games? if so, are they any good?

    I own but haven't played the Revelation games, they are at the top of my RE backlog. But I hear they are good -- that they are more in line with the modern RE4-styte controls while simultaneously adjusting the gameplay back a little more towards survival over action -- so I'm looking forward to playing them.

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  • @alkatraz111 so 3/Nemesis is more like a 2.5? and cv:x is the real 3?

    @faaip Now is the time :)

    @chocobop I see, i have to say i enjoy the survival aspect more then straight action.
    I really enjoyed 7 and was glad to see that The RE 2 Remake trailers looked so terrifying :)

  • @kaliber True, it is backlog season! RE2 will absolutely be a day one buy for me at least