How Many Games From Your Favorite Companies Do You Like?

  • I was thinking about this earlier. I regard Atlus and Nintendo as my favorite companies in the gaming industry. However, I've been a Nintendo fan much longer than I've been a fan of Atlus. All the same I put both companies in essentially the same tier. So I was wondering, how many games do we actually like from our favorite companies? Is the quality of a few games just as influential as the consistency of many games in your mind? For the sake of this thread I'm counting games both developed and published by each company. I'm also consolidating multiple versions of games.

    So, for me, this is how it breaks down:

    17 (I think, I'm pretty sure I missed some)

    97 (I stopped counting when I hit this number, I'm sure I'm missing like 15) (I was suprised that I had played this many games though.)

    Double Fine:

    Level 5:
    1 (Ni No Kuni)

    11 (this is literally just Ace Attorney and Okami)

  • Fromsoft: 5
    Falcom: 8
    Square: cant count that high lol

  • It's an odd question because it'll involve some personal research but I can tell you that almost all of my favourite game companies have disappointed me so so much because at one point they made something so great that was never topped in my eyes. It's less about one dud in a stainless franchise (i.e. Dark Souls II) than the heartbreak when a studio just gets lost in the sauce, i.e the following:

    IO-Interactive: 3 - hate everything after Blood Money (haven't tried new Hitman)

    Zipper Interactive: 3 - SOCOM 3 was pushing it because it didn't come close to topping SOCOM II but everything after was abysmal

    Neversoft: 8 - Nothing topped the THPS - THAW run, then the series became abysmal

  • I'm probably missing some but the only Atlus game I can think off that I haven't really liked is Persona Revelation, and I can count about 20 games from them right now, without counting different versions of the same game, so pretty decent I would say.

  • Great topic!

    Let's see....

    Insomniac: 15 - Spyro (3), Ratchet and Clank (9), Resistance (3)
    I like other games in Resistance, but Insomniac didn't do those. And post Insomniac Spyro? Nah...

    Square-Enix (Developed and published): 18 - Final Fantasy (11, Main and Spinoffs), Kingdom Hearts (5), Tomb Raider (2)
    There are some Final Fantasies not for me, a couple Kingdom Hearts games are not good for my tastes (Others probably hate the whole thing but I digress), and I'm only talking about the new Tomb Raiders that they published

    Naughty Dog: 11 - Crash Bandicoot (5), Uncharted (5), The Last of Us
    The original Crash games were part of my childhood and while the N'Sane Trilogy is the definitive version, Crash needed to be made. And shoutout to CTR and Crash Bash. I like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, but ND did not make that one, so it doesn't count.

    id: 5 - Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny, DOOM (1993 and 2016) and DOOM II
    Insomniac and id were the first to be there when I discovered gaming. So they get a special nod from me.

    BioWare: 4 - Mass Effect (3), Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
    Every time I think about Andromeda, I get sad at BioWare, and infuriated at EA. And I played KOTOR for the first time a couple months ago. Best Star Wars game I've ever played.

    Arkane: All three Dishonoreds
    While Prey was alright, the one time I went through it had some issues that have me having mixed feelings about it. So I have to go with my favorite stealth games.

    Moon Studios: Ori and the Blind Forest
    Their one and only game has me a believer. Bring on Will of the Wisps

    Machine Games: All three Wolfensteins
    I love the current run of Wolfenstein and I'm excited to see where the trilogy ends.

    Games I like, even if I A.) am not a fan of the company or B.) have nothing against them, but want to see more from the company:

    Gears of War franchise (4): Judgment I'm a on. Outside of Gears, Epic has nothing I care for. And the Coalition is exclusively Gears, but only have one game to their credit.
    Horizon: Zero Dawn: Wasn't a fan of Killzone, so I didn't really have any investment in Guerrilla Games. I do now.
    Batman: Arkham trilogy: I like these, but since I'm not big into superheros, I want to see what's next from Rocksteady to see if they can keep my interest.
    Sly Cooper series (4): I like the Sucker Punch trilogy more than Sanzaru's take, but the way both 3 and 4 end really rub me the wrong way.
    Pokemon franchise (Up to Generation 3) (6): Strictly for nostalgia purposes, I only care for the main pair (and not the third of the bunch in each). At gen 4, the series lost me.

    And FINALLY:

    Companies who I have great interest in, but NOT played their games, and will play their next project:

    Kojima Productions and CD Projekt Red. Death Stranding has my curiosity mostly due to Konami being... well... you know.... and CDPR has made a high quality franchise, and while The Witcher may not have been for me, CyberPunk is my JAM.

  • I found Ultra Despair Girls and Dangronpa v3 a bit meh, but everything else I’ve played from Spike Chunsoft I tend to really like. For me it doesn’t really rely on consistency of the devs on a whole, just consistency on the big stuff they do - for example if you said that chibi final fantasy worlds game really dragged down your hypothetical love for Square Enix then I’d find that a little bit weird.

    Also I’ve not played a single game below excellent from Naughty Dog so I guess I’d probably say they’re my favourite devs.