Is the Easy Allies forum the place for controversial topics?

  • Hey Allies. I make this topic not divide us but for a proper discussion. Is this a "safe space" for us to talk about games in a fun manor. Or is there subjects we avoid to just to keep"Love & respect" without tackling real issues. Personally I avoid any controversial topics like the plague just not to offend anyone or find myself misrepresented. Any thoughts?

  • BTW I know how to spell controversial properly. I don't know how to change it.

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    this is a safe place filled with love and respect

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    jordan peterson says you have to speak the truth

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    @futurecorpse I sorted the title for you :)

    In terms of your "question". I feel like its quite safe here and anyone can bring up topics they like - as long as they do it in a nice manner. What we dont want (which often is the problem) are threads derailing and people start with namecalling and engage in shouting games. As long as we keep it on a mature level I think its all okey.

  • From my perspective, at any moment a disagreement can turn sour in an instant, even in the most seemingly benign topic. However, I can only speak for myself regarding the main question:

    I do NOT talk politics or religion. Believe in and what you wish. If we agree, cool. If not, cool. I never, EVER, want to even put myself in a POTENTIAL situation where something may be misconstrued and subsequently yet simultaneously elevated and turned into a garbage fire.

    For pretty much any other topic, I'm completely fine with disagreement, but its all in how its packaged: If there are critiques/opinions/views/etc. presented with concise reasons, I'll enjoy reading it. If at any point something "Sucks" and there really isn't a reason as to why, I lose interest in reading.

  • Sounds like a question exclusively for the forum mods since they ultimately decide what's allowed to go on here and would have to deal with much of the potential fallout from this. That's my input since I never saw the original title of the topic but know @FutureCorpse didn't write it as worded now, which I believe there's a very clear, obvious even answer to.

  • @mbun I left the "I"out of controversial that the mod kindly fixed in the title. That's the only difference.

  • @futurecorpse Then no. It is not THE place for controversial topics. It was not built with the intention of housing these things like NeoGAF / ResetEra were. It was built as a general gaming and otherwise forum for the EZA community so those sorta of topics are outside the norm and general intention, whether they're allowed or not.

  • To err on the safeside, probably not.

  • I think politically charged discussions belong on ResetERA, Reddit and other places honestly. I expect EZA boards to be about talking about specific content or experiences with games, not ideological spouting of what games should or should not be.

    That said, people will do what they will, but I'd prefer it if people kept their Jordan Peterson, Anita Sarkeesian or other confirmation bias out, simply out of respect for each other and the idea that there's probably a mix of various political stances here, and you don't have to emphasize that anywhere you go on the internet just because today's surroundings have such an oversaturation of it.

  • Outside of Black Cell threads, I'd rather not have that.

  • I'm going to be blunt. Everything when should be open for discussion/debate. F**k those with their safe spaces and censorship.

  • @sheria This only works in a place where free speech is granted, like our discord you never visit.

  • No online community with random people is a "safe" or good place for controversial discussion. I also think that any place where you can upvote/downvote or like comments is not ideal for controversial discussion either. Places like reddit is exceptionally horrible for controversial discussions.
    There are simply too many factors involved that makes most of these attempts at discussing controversial topics a waste of time. It's generally best saved for when you talk to people you know better, preferably face-to-face.

  • I wish it would be, but even here you will get yelled at, or at least get stuck in a conversation with someone who won't be willing to see past his/her point of view.

  • I've no issue with controversial topics. It'll be moderated like any other topic.

    It'll all come down to the discussion people have and the level of maturity people show. There was a recent example of this where someone created a topic on a main character's ass being hidden or covered by whatever and al it lead to was a bunch of one liners, so I closed it.

  • @musou-tensei said in Is the Easy Allies forum the place for controversial topics?:

    @sheria This only works in a place where free speech is granted, like our discord you never visit.

    I don't want to just talk among a few like minded individuals, in an isolated environment, when it comes to topics like this. The beauty of an open forum like this is that it allows for opinions of all sorts to come together and hopefully result in a constructive discussion.

    What could potentially insult someone has now become almost endless, a result of how much we have wrapped people in cotton wool. Words and opinions can't hurt anyone, and if we're to now say that certain topics are restricted, or worse, banned, then this forum is now as bad as some of the pathetic US universities.

  • @sheria Same here!
    The problem with tough moderation is that it's often the politically correct views that are left in the end, which in my opinion becomes a false version of how the real world looks (at least where I live) and in the end it'll just be a weird virtual bubble with people who share roughly the same ideals or simply avoids speaking their minds in fear of being banned.

    I've been roaming the net for a place to stay after the downfall of GAF (which had serious issues as well) but I haven't found a place yet where people just talk normally and where the mods take a step back until things heat up way too much. Sadly I'm not sure that place exist to be honest. I'm not even a rude person but no matter where I stay there is always someone who suddenly gets offended by the tiniest things they decide to blow out of proportion or willfully misinterpret just to start an unnecessary argument. And everytime I get a warning or a temporary ban I just end up locking down yet another part of my true self deep down where it's hidden for the digital world, and as the time goes the real me is slowly opressed and evolved into the same boring politically correct alter ego as everybody else that aren't permanently banned, and in the end I could probably be labelled to have schizofrenia by a shrink. :P

  • @linkenski I find this a bit hilarious. You can't speak about politics on ResetEra without being banned if you don't side with the authoritarian left mindset. There are an alarming number of members (and almost every single moderator) who immediately label you as alt-right or promoting transphobic/racist views for not agreeing with them over whatever manufactured outrage they have brewed up that day.

    I would argue that if you want a discussion on politics, particularly that within games - NeoGaf is currently the best place to do so, now that it has some decent moderators. I wouldn't say EZA is a great place for politics, given the more apolitical nature that certain members tend to take and the ban of political topics in certain sections of the community (such as the discord).

    @jaggafredde As odd as it may sound - I suggest you take another look at GAF as it currently stands. The moderation is far more lenient now that the more volatile and vitriolic of its community moved over to ResetEra.

  • @claus-grimhildyr I requested to be permabanned on Gaf. No turning back for me.
    But I'm honestly surprised to hear what you're saying, I haven't visited the board since it crumbled but I didn't think it could turn to the better when people left the place. However I have definitely noticed a similar mindset on Era regarding what you're allowed to say and think, which is worrying. It would be awful if Era turned into another GAF after all the trouble getting the new place up and running and molded into something better. The ban should never come easily, not when there are really negative people roaming around mocking others left and right without a ban, a ban only make people feared to speak their minds and they'll eventually learn what they can say and will become fake alter egos and we could just as well talk to a bot instead :P