Civ 6 Deluxe Edition - all-new content!

  • Man I feel so played right now. When I bought into the deluxe I assumed it was going to have all new dlc updates, since basically Civ games never ship with a fully fleshed out game and the expansions always fix a lot of the problems later down the road.

    I own every single Civ game, and this is my last one. I really hope someone new can take up the mantle and make a better game from the corpse that is Civilization. I heard Ben talking about Rise and Fall expansion on Frame Trap and was eager to try out the new update, but my god $32 for a DLC pack that a lot of reviews are saying dose not even fix basic problems with the base game.

    I know this is on me, and I should have read more. But I don't really care just so done with Civ at this point. Wanted to rant a little.

  • I bought my wife and I the deluxe edition when it was announced, and yeah, I was surprised the latest expansion wasn't part of that, however, I receive $38 worth of content for $20. So, I'm not all that bummed.

    When waiting as long as you can for anything, of course you can get a great deal. Games have sales at half their initial cost after 6 months to a year. I gave away a copy of Civ VI and a couple of the packs from Humble Monthly last month, and they cost me less than $10 (if I had waited more than a year for it).

    I think you have to pick your battles. If you've enjoyed it since 10/2016, with all that additional content, you got a good deal. If not, yeah, I would feel let down too. Then again, the expansion will get a deep discount during winter sales, so maybe get all those cheevos and grab it down the road (that's what I'm doing).

  • @sazime said in Civ 6 Deluxe Edition - all-new content!:

    I bought my wife

    I don't think that's legal, man.

  • @fridge-man Hey, man, he bought me fair and square. All it cost him was his freedom. ;)

  • @jesse-abraham So I've been playing Civ VI like a crazy person and just got Rise & Fall over the weekend. Personally, I really enjoy the addition of leaders and of governors. As @Sazime explained, we were both kinda surprised that the expansion cost extra, but for the amount of time I've already sunk into the game I'm okay with paying that extra. I'm sorry that your Civ experience has been soured. Maybe take a Civ break? Come back to it later with some fresh eyes?

  • I feel really bad for not playing more Civ 6, and Rise and Fall does have me very intrigued, but I just feel I won't be able to really dive into it right now so I don't think it makes sense for me right now.

  • Rise & Fall is a really great expansion, the additions feel fresh and are really well implemented. Already sunk in around 20 hrs since the Add-on came out!