Easy Allies' Computer Setups

  • After the latest episode of Easy Update (I Just Want to Play Monster Hunter) we get a shot of Ian presumably playing Monster Hunter on a projector, and it piqued my curiosity about what kind of setup that is, as we've seen a more traditional monitors setup for gaming in previous episodes.

    Maybe the projector was just because it gave a better wide shot for that clip, but it got me curious about more details. We have a pretty good idea of what Brandon's setup is like since it's the one the allies use for group streams etc. (unless there's another?), but what about the other allies?

    Anyway, I was just wondering; is there anyone else that would be interested in seeing the allies (at least those that are willing) just doing a quick series of vids showing off their setups and discussing what they prefer and why? Doesn't have to go into detail about hardware, but I just thought it might be interesting to get their opinions on what works and what doesn't for them.

  • I remember Ian mentioning a projector in the past, seems like it's his usual thing.

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