Soul Calibur VI (PS4/PC/XBO)

  • @sentinel-beach Yeah Kilik is awesome! He’s my favorite too combined with Taki, range and speed, Astaroth is cool too for the power and awesome design. I’m in too! Or rather I was in the second the first reveal trailer started! :D

  • @el-shmiablo
    Same, granted I haven't been playing fighting games much for the last year, with my schedule preventing me from attending local events, but SF5 , Injustice 2, and Central Fiction have been my go twos.

  • Still got my PS2 Soul Calibur 2 copy. Think I just used Nightmare all the time.
    Hope there's something similar to weapon master mode this time around.

  • I'm pretty much definitely going to get this since I have fun playing this with the BF, but I gotta say I might reconsider if they do console exclusive characters again. I hate that crap. If Geralt shows up in this game, I want to play him, not be told he might be an Xbox exclusive.

    That being said, I agree with Bosman on this. I don't think they will do that anymore.

  • @inustar Exclusives or not I’m playing it either way, but I’d be really sad to see them go that route again, the Vader/Yoda split was just plain evil :(

  • Not bad at all. :)

    Youtube Video

  • Oh yess!! :D
    I generally don’t like guest characters but that’s awesome! And I’m replaying TW3 on XB1X so the timing is perfect! Looks great!
    (They could add Triss too, maybe as a DLC character if it’s too late for new characters now)

  • Banned

    My guesses for additional guests:
    Bayek from AssCreed Origins
    Gladio from FFXV
    (if console exclusives are a thing) Kratos from God of War (2018) and... uh... Spinal from KI? (Literally the only MS property I can think of that would make sense. "Fable Guy" maybe?)
    Monster Hunter from Street Fighter V.

  • @jaggafredde I would expect Ciri before Triss since she makes more sense. She uses swords and is a more important character.
    That being said, I'd like all the characters. Just make a Witcher fighting game.

  • Really not a fan of guest characters, Geralt included.

    Then again, they take considerably less development time than the canon characters do, so it's not that bad, but I've really never been a fan of crossover fighters in Soul Calibur, it doesn't fit the series well.

  • @inustar Gah! yeah Ciri is obviously who I meant lol, I mixed them up, she'd be a great Soul Calibur character, fast and agile, and just enough tease and prettiness to get the hype (and discussions) going

  • @sonmi Generally speaking I agree, guest characters simply doesn't fit in the universe, the story gets weird, shoe horned :P But I think they made a great job with Geralt, he looks, moves and sounds just like he should, and it's cool that he's got sign magic as special attacks too!

  • @jaggafredde I think Geralt could work pretty well story wise since they have those portals to other worlds.
    Though, yeah usually they get shoe horned. Vader and Yoda were pretty bad...

  • @inustar
    Out of all the Guest characters Gearlt and Ezio seem like the easiest to add fro a lore side of things (even if SC5 was about a hundred years before Ezio was born) But with the Portals from The Witcher Gearlt could easily be added, especially since said portals lead to various dimensions and times. (Hell I vaguely recall Ciri mentioning travelling to a world that sounded alot like Cyberpunk)

  • @dmcmaster If Cyberpunk doesn't have some Witcher references I will be surprised. Hell, I'd be pleased with a secret side quest that has Ciri show up.
    But yeah, it's an easy story to write to get Geralt into SC (and Ciri too while we're at it).
    Not sure why, but I would like to see Bayek from AC Origins added, since I think he would work pretty well, and is easy to work in lore wise.

  • @inustar
    Honestly Id love for create a soul to feature some costumes from the guest franchises, at least then we can create our own Ciri or Kazuya or whoever gets announced next.

  • I was sooooooooooo close on playing it at Final Round 21 recently the time I got inside the venue, they already took it down... =( (I was only there for a couple of hours).

    Still, since Ivy wasn't playable in the current build, not that big of a deal for me. I'm pretty confident they'll have an updated build at CEO later this year (not officially announced but I'm sure it'll be there) so, I look forward to trying it out =)

  • CDPR talking about how they made Geralt fit into the Soul Calibur universe

    Youtube Video

  • Siegfried revealed!

    Youtube Video

    Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed, he's got cool powerful moves but the hair looks stiff and weird, almost last gen.

  • Woooooooah. I'm not into Siegfrieds voice actor. Not digging it.
    He is looking GOOOOOD though