LTTP: Onimusha Warlords

  • Due to Huber I thought I'd try my hand at Onimusha. I'm loving it so far. I had no idea it was in the same vain as Resident Evil, and I also didn't realize Keiji Inafune was the Director on it. The voice acting is super charming so far, and the music is excellent. Overall they vibes are great. Here's the first hour or so. I'll be streaming more Onimusha as time goes on so if you wanna watch and help me out give us a sub so you know when I'm streaming.

  • Nice to see someone get into the series, it's true, all four are fantastic games. It's actually a series I rate over DMC. I'm also glad it's remained a sixth generation exclusive.

  • @sheria must get a remaster/remake. What do you love about these games?

  • I love a lot in Onimusha, but I think it's the general closeness to old school survival horror, that I appreciate the most about it. Warlords, at the very least, had the fixed camera, exploration and general kind of puzzle solving that one expected from the genre, but I also love the setting and the overall lore of the series.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see more people get into a good series such as this, It's just that I feel the way in which YOU personally got into the series is the way I prefer. The games are out there for those most interested, they don't need a remaster.

  • @sheria Man idk...I feel like the more people to experience this the better likelihood the franchise could continue. I can totally see it getting the REmake treatment and being a hit. When I first started it up I had no idea it was in the same vain as RE (fixed camera, action/adventure). I thought it was more beat'em up so I was pleasantly surprised!