Public Service Announcement: If you downloaded Yakuza 6 demo off PSN before it went down, you likely got the full game

  • I'm assuming the demo was a huge file because lots of games just require an unlock key to get the full game after the demo. I remember playing a few games on PS3 that did that.

    I wonder who is liable here, Sony or SEGA? I didn't read the article but maybe SEGA approved the wrong file to go out and Sony didn't check??

  • @tokyoslim said in Public Service Announcement: If you downloaded Yakuza 6 demo off PSN before it went down, you likely got the full game:

    Not sure when the demo was supposed to end, but I've been running around Kamurocho collecting cats, working out, and answering TROUBLR requests for like 6 hours already. I assumed the demo ended at like the end of Chapter 2 or whatever, so I didn't finish it.

    (Have the art-book special edition pre-ordered)

    End of chapter one is where it should end.

    Despite its size, I did actually end up downloading it in the end. Seems the EU version is the correct demo though.

  • I wonder if they're gonna patch it or cancel the license? I'm obviously having fun playing it, but I get it.

  • Update: my download has started without any problems. No special tricks needed like with P.T.

  • Update: well, they locked the file for those of us who downloaded the complete game and they have no reposted a replacement demo. X-mas is over.

  • Someone better feed my cats for the next 2 months!

  • I didn't download it, but this is a huge bummer. I kind of feel like they just killed a lot of the momentum Yakuza has been building up for the past year or so. Maybe I'm just being pessimistic, but I think this might cause enough of a backlash to turn some newcomers off to the series...

  • @naltmank I don't get that at all... Why would a couple of days of free play on a highly anticipated game be a bad thing? If anything, it's got people talking about the game, and like 99% of all the comments I've seen (as well as my own personal opinion) is that the game is good and from what I've seen - worth buying.

    I'm not mad that they turned off the license. They aren't punishing anyone who played it. It was just like a beta weekend.

  • @tokyoslim Because people will be frustrated that they had to pay for something that they could got for free. I remember how many people were angry they pre-ordered Bloodborne because it was 30% cheaper in PSN for the first half of release date.

  • @ffff0 But nobody got it for free in the end. Unless you played for 50 hours straight and managed to finish it before they blocked the demo...

    Why would anyone get bitter about something like this?

  • @axel Did they blocked it for those who downloaded it and went offline? Probably not. And my guess is that if you redownload it now and cancel patch download, you'll still get a full game.

  • That's a dumb reason to be mad. "I'm mad I couldn't get something for free because of a mistake, so I'm not going to pay for the game I was going to pay for before the mistake?"

    You're mad at nothing.
    *hypothetical mad person who now isn't going to buy Y6

    Also, as far as I can tell, they didn't patch the game, they revoked the licence. So, even if downloads are off, game doesn't work.

  • I haven't actually seen anyone upset online, but I would also agree it would be silly if someone was. If they announced they were giving away the game for free, then suddenly changed their mind and added a price tag, then yep, understandable to feel confused and frustrated. Since everyone that downloaded the demo knew they were downloading a demo, receiving the entire game for a few days is a nice bonus, but to expect to keep it beyond that? That's going a bit far and is basically the very definition of entitlement. "You get what you pay for" - and considering no one paid anything... seems like everything is working as it should be.

  • Yakuza 6 is gonna be fine. It's not gonna sell Yakuza 0 numbers, but it's going to do better than Pre-0 Yakuza games have sold in the West. So, like, somewhere around a million copies WW. I think we can get there.

  • I guess, it's a cultural differences. I live in Russia, where piracy is insanely popular and console games are very expensive (compared to PC games and monthly income). So if there was a legal way to get game for free, it will be very hard to justify the purchase.

  • @ffff0 we are talking about people who were already going to buy the game but now are mad because you could play it for free for 2 days in the US because of an error.

    If you were interested enough in Yakuza to buy it a week ago, you're still interested enough to buy Yakuza today, nothing has changed.

    You're talking about people who probably aren't going to buy legit copies of the game to begin with. That's something else.

  • @tokyoslim I'm not doing piracy, but if I wanted to buy Yakuza 6 and missed such "offer" I would be very sad (and probably waited for sale). I remember, last year I've bought Nier: Automata in cheap store and didn't receive a game or my money back. After that I thought for a while "do I really want this game?" before buying it again. Maybe I'm just greedy, I don't know.

  • If you wanted to buy Yakuza 6, you'd buy
    Yakuza 6. If you're buying a new copy on sale later, that's still supporting them.

    Plenty of people bought Yakuza 0 after the first few weeks.

    If you buy a bootleg copy or buy it used, of course, that's not really helpful, but like I said, you're probably not really who we're talking about.

    You also didn't "miss" any offer. This was only up on US servers for 6 hours as a mistake. It was not an offer.

  • @TokyoSlim I agree that it's unreasonable, but I also think that people are petty. I don't think many people would be pissed about not being able to get the full game for free, but I can see someone who downloaded the demo based on positive buzz being frustrated that they got locked out of something that they likely spent a few hours downloading.

  • hopefully the short time the demo was available to get may alleviate that somewhat. They took it down pretty fast.