What other Gaming Communities have you been apart of?

  • When I sit down and think about it, this is the first time in a while that I've been a member of a large gaming community and it's been quite a long time since I've posted on forums regularly. And then I think back on other communities I've been apart of and the joys I've had with them.

    A long time ago when I was barely in my teens, I was a member of a gaming community called NoobToob. The community started out as a podcast, then gathered a respectable following with members from all over the globe. At that time, I gamed almost exclusively on PC (like I do now) and though the PC group there was small, I fondly remember getting together every week to play games like StarCraft: Brood War, Trackmania, and Counter-Strike: Source. The website is largely defunct now as far as I can tell but the forums are still fairly active although I can't be sure of how many active users there are. The podcast also aired it's most recent episode a year ago and before that, it was on an indefinite hiatus. You can still find them here.

    Please feel free to share your stories.

  • Wayyyyy back in the day, I used to be on Beckett's DBZ forums and Pojo.com. The Beckett forums have been gone for a long time now, but Pojo's message boards are still thriving, and that site's hardly changed at all in 15 or so years. Blows my mind. I also was a part of a few fun groups of people with forums and made videos for a bit, from maybe '07-'12. We don't really do much anymore because we're all so busy.

    Besides those, I've only really been heavily involved with the Mega64 community over the last decade or so. Was on the Mega64ums from 2006 until they closed down late last year, and I currently help moderate their Twitch/Discord/subreddit. When I'm not here, those things take up about 90% of my Internet time. :thumbsup:

  • Really the only other community I was active in was GT.

    A long time ago I was in a Call of Duty clan called PerfectKillers until the multiplayer kind of died out. More recently I played frequently with another clan/server called BlueMonkey as a guest until I was falsely accused and banned for wall-hacking. I didn't really keep playing after that

  • Only 2 consistently. Kinda sucks that one of them is long dead, and the other is dying. Hopefully this forum will scratch that unreachable itch I've had for a while though I've yet to feel like a true part of the community here. It's mostly been me talking about myself in one-off comments rather than legitimate interaction. In time I guess.

    Halo4Nation 2012-2013, and 343industries.org 2013-Now.

  • Used to be member of Gametrailers and Gamepro.de for many years, well GT died, I was there till the end, but Gamepro, the very 1st gaming forum I joined, I left when I realized the site became more and more SJW in the last 2 years, referencing Kotaku and Polygon and with that their forum became more toxic as well, just not worth my time anymore and tbh, I can't identify with most germans anymore, I felt more and more out of place there. It also used to be a great magazine but they switch writers like others their underwear, almost all the ones I liked are long gone, the new ones are kinda crap, they also refuse to review many games with lewd content like Senran Kagura.
    And for a short while I was a member of The Escapist forum, which was like 10 times worse than Gamepro forum so that didn't last long, lol.

    I'm now member of 2 small private gaming fori, one by an old Gametrailers member called Mazer who invited me, and one from a very old online friend I met on Youtube before I even joined GT. I'm also Also member of the Nichegamer forum.

  • Oh man, when GT died, I went to all sorts of places, but eventually I settled for neogaf and /v/, even use reddit from time to time.

  • I used to play a game called Gemstone III (it's now up to Gemstove IV), which was a text-based MMORPG. Started in the late 80s, I played it from about '94 to 2005, it's truly a part of online gaming history. There was a forum for it called GSplayers where I had over 10k posts. It's still active, but I think it's mostly turned into a marketplace for items sold in the game (because the game doesn't have a good in-game system for selling things to other players).

    I've also been involved in MMO-Champion for a long time, being a WoW nerd. You just need to stay out of the General Off-Topic forums, which have devolved into a smaller version of /r/pol.

  • GoTaco on GT since 2007 (maybe 06). Golden age of pre-YouTube gaming coverage if you ask me.

    Miss those days.

  • Currently, aside from all the EZA places, namely here and Twitch, I frequent Squid Boards, a relative to Smash Boards, but for all things Splatoon. On top of that, somewhere I spend a lot of time with, is a small Discord server with some close friends of mine, who are all into gaming, so I guess that counts.

    And I will pop in to check on the Escapist Forums once in a while. But that site should be going the way of GT fairly soon, I'm surprised it's even still alive. Given they are owned by Defy, I don't expect their seemingly slow site to survive, they can't be very profitable these days. I also used to be very active on the Global Trading System site, which is all about Pokemon. I may become more active there once Sun and Moon come out.