Unofficial Alliance - Easy Allies Unofficial Discord

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    (Image by Thyvan)(Rules and discord descriptions by Sparks)

    (Invite link at bottom of post, also right here
    Hello everybody! The formerly official EZA discord has gotten a massive remodel thanks to the hardworking admins and mods. Well organized channels and roles to help you avoid clutter. Various topics to help you find a place to chat about what you are interested in! If you are worried about a previous visit you might have had, no worries! Rules are set and enforced more than before, and mods will be keep an eye out for any big meanies. Of course there is still lots of people messing with each other, honestly, but now it is mostly all in good fun.

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    And as I said, there are a mix of channel you can discuss your favorite things in!

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    But not all channel available will be shown! There are even more, but you have to join them manually.

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    Come take a peek and see what is going on! Give it a chance. And if you previously joined but have left, come back and see how things are different! Worth a try, eh?

    As with messaging the admins or mods on the discord, I am parasitepaladin on the discord as well, so if you have any questions, you are welcome to message me as well! Hope to see you there.

  • I love this discord as much as I love you, para <3

    For bants almost as decent as that join the discord today!

  • It's an alright place :)

  • I don't know, i heard this is a vile unwelcoming place and hated by the community

  • Don't let new people start with a bad impression, ib0!
    It is a nice place, full of friendship. Friendship of messing with each other all the time, but still friendship.
    It is a fun place!!

  • @ib0show Hehehehe. Ib0 with that sarcastic remark about Von's title of vileness! Let other fans know about the Discord! It's a welcoming place, although It went unofficial due to some of the Allies not understanding what Discord is for, juggling multiple social media accounts and channels, and because of a certain game in a Group stream vote that some of the Discord members kinda went overboard on wanting to see played.

    BTW, this is GamerDino from Discord if you don't know.

  • It's a pretty cool place, and is often the best way to connect with the community in a fast and efficient way. It is never not active, so there is always someone there to chat with.
    Y'all should come by and hang out sometime. Everyone is welcome!

  • Too unofficial.

  • @parasitepaladin you might want to change your wording a little bit. I think you meant "formerly," but instead you said "formally," which basically makes it seem official.

  • @capnbobamous That is what I meant, whoops. Thanks for pointing it out! Fixed it. By the way, what is your name in discord?

    @ZyloWolfBane Please come back

  • @parasitepaladin said in Unofficial Alliance - Easy Allies Unofficial Discord:

    @capnbobamous That is what I meant, whoops. Thanks for pointing it out! Fixed it. By the way, what is your name in discord?

    @ZyloWolfBane Please come back

    No thanks, this is about as social as I want to be.

    Not stopping anyone from contacting me though.

  • @parasitepaladin I'm Capnbobamous in discord too. I'm not super regular, but I come around every now and again.

  • @capnbobamous Ohhh okay. Thank you. Cheers, mate. Hope to see you around more!

  • If anyone cares, I'll be hosting a discord E3 betting special where we get to play and do some bets. If you wish to join information is in the #E3-Discord-Betting-Special