Absolutely stupid or absurd ideas you'd like to see

  • Sometimes the EZA crew surprises you with some "BZHOOOWH" mind-blowing shit in their shows. Remember the Huber version of Final Bosman? Remember the episode when Ian killed himself? Do you have similar ideas?

    I wanna see them do a podcast just for one week where Ian is both in the nextmost right seat and far left seat, and the far left one has been edited in post-process. I don't know where the hell they'll go with that but just for the sake of adding mystery to an otherwise very real and down-to-earth news show.

  • Suda 51, Swery & Yoko Taro are given a 500 million budget to collaborate & make any game they want together. That's my Dream. Just sit back & watch the world burn. Nothing to do with Easy Allies but that's an absurd thing I'd like to see.

  • I want a Huber Syndrome episode where Huber's lost car suddenly appears again, and he goes street racing again, but now he gets to show it off with a GoPro or something.

  • An Easy update video where Ian has a conversation (somekind of podcast or talkshow) with other Ian's (maybe allies play as an another Ian or he duplicate himself. )

    Micheal Huber as the president of "insert Country or Planet you want here" in tabletop escapades or Fiasconauts.

    A Videogame/nerd quiz show, where people can send them games or question (like they get from the podcasts) and the allies has to compete in two groups or maybe alone against each other. The winners gets prizes or the losers has to do bets.

  • It's hard to say what I exactly what because what I honestly want is to be surprised. For example, the trial of Kyle Bosman may in fact be one of my favorite things ever created but what made that special is that it came out of nowhere and had some really unique reasons for existing.

    More raps though. Always more raps.

  • I would like to see an AAA game with multiple choice answers with a JRPG with gun type technology setting if i can call it that. Where you have projectile as weapons combined with magic and turn based combat system. If i could describe it in simple terms, cyberpunk setting, deep story choice options like Mass Effect and FF turn base system from early versions