Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch)

  • I really hope Nintendo releases the soundtrack

  • Here's a video I thought was worth sharing. There was a cool segment in the most recent episode of the Game Informer podcast where they switched gears from talking about Super Smash Bros. and launched into a 30 minute segment about just Sakurai himself, and not the game. It was a freewheeling discussion, if you will, about Masahiro Sakurai's public image, his legacy, his work style and so on. If you fancy a longform discussion about Sakurai that segment is linked below. I think it's worth a listen:

    Youtube Video

  • People who have the game early are discovering that this time the CPUs are extremely smart and make plays like competitive players would. Top players are even discovering viable combos to use through things CPU opponents are doing. I know it isn't the flashiest thing to brag about your game's AI, but there's an extra bullet point worth mentioning.

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    As a Wario main, am excite.

  • So... I'm completely new to the series, this style of game and Nintendo in general. Played Brawhalla for 1 hour on my new switch or so and had great fun, but that's it. Played very casual some fighting games like Virtua Fighter, Dead Or Alive and Soul Calibur back in the day.

    But Smash Bros Ultimate?

    I'm a bit lost. Find it a bit surprising, that there is no real tutorial. or mode to slowly introduce newcomers to the different mechanics and possibilities. Just some textscreens which state the obvious without explaining much. Yeah... there is the training stage. But there is so much going on in fights with stages, spirits, items, special effects and other surprises. Also finding recovery hard... Brawhalla was simpler and more clear (you have exactly 3 jumps and either reach the edge or not). Tried solo smashes a bit and adventure mode a bit.

    But i'm really struggling to get a sense how the game works, what I can or should do in any given moment and how to improve. Since the game doesn't explain itself much, I'm hoping there are some useful guides online, which explain the fighting and different game mechanics in smash beginner friendly.

    Any tips or advice for any good guide or where to look and learn?

  • @guthwulf I really liked this fella's tutorials for Monster Hunter: World and this seems to be a helpful but not too lengthy video.

    Youtube Video

    You mention recovery and my best advice is - pick a character you like and learn them since some of them vary greatly. Because you've missed out on the series, it just sounds like you're trying to learn everything at once, which can be difficult. I personally find Smash is best when you're experimenting so I wouldn't recommend getting stuck to that one character permanently, but use them until you've got the fundamentals down pretty well. I don't own a Switch yet sadly, so I can't really get too much more specific than that.

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    Find a character you like.
    Figure out what all their different moves do. (this is much easier in Smash than traditional FGs since all commands are the same)

  • @el-shmiablo said in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch):

    Find a character you like.

    The real problem is how long you play until you unlock the character you like, i want to try incineroar and any Belmont but so far i haven't unlocked them, i got Browser which i love using him.

    Can you unlock characters in the story mode?

  • @a7x458

  • I'm (very slowly) starting to get an idea how it works. Still experimenting with different fighters to see the differences. If i'm gettin stuck in adventure mode, I change to spirit board or something else... I really like Pikachu and Sheik so far (although I still don't have Pikachu unlocked in adventure mode). I like collecting all the spirits and unlocking new characters with all the different modes. Reminds me of Pokemon... gotta catch'em all. And gives a nice sense of progression. Also played a 4 player online match and was 2nd... very chaotic. Can't wait for holiday to play with family and friends. Like the game so far even without any nintendo nostalgia or past experience with most of these characters. So it works, even if it is your "first Nintendo game". My main criticism at this point still would be, that the game is not very beginner friendly and doesn't explain itself very good. No real tutorial, no step by step introduction into the different mechanics (would be great as a first chapter in adventure mode for example). You are immediately thrown into the cold water and have to learn how to swim yourself and how best to train for all the different modes and mechanics.

    Btw. here some more videos which I found somewhat helpful:

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • Been playing this between other games and loving it so far. I skipped the Wii U, so I haven't played Smash in a while. I play a lot of the N64 Smash with my family, so all these characters are insane to me! Loving the game so far.

    Side note: Anyone having issues with the online? I have had 6 different sessions (split among today and yesterday) where the game started to lag. My internet setup is insanely good, so I am not sure whats going on.

  • @guthwulf said:

    My main criticism at this point still would be, that the game is not very beginner friendly and doesn't explain itself very good. No real tutorial, no step by step introduction into the different mechanics

    Idle on the title screen. Also, there's a move list when you pause that explains each character's moves, and there's a training area where you can test specific distances if you want to get real nuts. Smash was designed to be very simple for beginners though. I get if you're thrown into a 4 player match with items on a dumb stage it being hectic and intimidating, but A is always a character's melee hits. B is always their special attacks, which vary more wildly, but shouldn't take too long to learn them just by trying them. Every character gets to jump at least twice by pressing up on the control stick or a button if you prefer, and Up + B is always a last ditch recovery after you exhaust those jumps. Some characters also have side + B moves that can close horizontal distance and assist with recovery. Everything else like shielding, rolling, air dodging, short hopping, etc. is just extra stuff you start learning after you're comfortable with whatever characters you naturally found comfortable to play as. Then of course it gets more complex as you learn the same things that make other fighting games complex, but you can get by without all that.

  • I don't know if it got posted here but the fastest way to unlock characters is start the game play a match( i use single stock against level 1 CPU) and you will get a new character, close the game from the switch menu and start it again and repeat.

    I tried it and always got a new character.

  • If you don't wanna do that, or you want someone specific, you can always go through Classic since every character has a specific unlock attached to them, Here's a list. Honestly I'm having more fun just messing around on Spirit Board and getting my unlocks as they come, and switching over to classic whenever I wanna do something different.

    Haven't gotten my old 4 main yet (Pac-Man) but one of my first unlocks was Inkling and it feels great since I really wanted to try them out. They're pretty fun. I've always had a bad habit of just ignoring the shield (which probably explains why I'm so bad at these games) but the way you refill ink is holding the shield and B buttons so it's forcing me to actually use it for once and I can already feel myself getting better at the game.

  • Still unlocking characters, glad to know about that list, make grabbing Snake quicker

  • Though I haven't unlocked everybody, right now I think I'm leaning towards Ike. His only real downside is that his down B, while great in combat, absolutely sucks for recovery. He is not too fast, but not too slow, and he is pretty good at juggling.

  • @hanabi said:

    but the way you refill ink is holding the shield and B buttons

    Wow. I played the other night at a friend's place and thought the only way to refill was B when you're completely out of ink. That's sooooo much better. Thank you.

  • Loving world of light so far. the challenge is intense

  • With the recent announcement of Joker, it feels like any character is possible. Since Thursday, my mind has been filled with ideas for characters, and I figured I'd share the two that have come out on top.

    The Prince from Katamari would be absolutely perfect. He manages to fit in enough while still standing out, and I'm sure he could have an awesome move-set. Also, the music would be absolutely amazing.

    I would also love Rasputin from Psychonauts. He is brimming with personality, and his mind powers could lead to some pretty neat moves. I would imagine he could also have a pretty awesome stage, like inside someone's mind or something.

    I feel like these characters have been strangely missing from the discussion, which is a shame because that probably means they have a slim chance of being added.

  • @capnbobamous
    Allegedly the first round of DLC characters beyond Joker are a Namco rep, Platinum rep, Square Enix rep, and a Microsoft rep.
    The Microsoft rep allegedly being a thanks for Cross play or something, with Nintendo getting to release various Rare games on Switch (highly doubtful)
    Square Rep being either Chrono or the MC of Dragon Quest 11 (Nintendo is also allegedly funding a completely exclusive game from Square for Switch)
    Platinum rep either being Wonder Red or the villain of Bayo 3
    Namco Rep is least I've heard on, but there is apparently a Switch port of Soul Calibur 6 coming with 3 Switch exclusive characters (Link and a Fire Emblem rep, and possibly Lloyd from Tales of)
    As for Sega, sounds like a enhanced port of Persona 5 is coming, alongside remakes of Persona 3 and 4 (also coming to PS4) with Nintendo funding a new game from the Yakuza team