Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch)

  • @tokeeffe9 said:

    I don't agree with this at all. It's why we still see a lot of people/sites ranking the best in a series. I can think of several games where I don't feel like the latest is the best in that series.

    We're specifically talking about the parts of games where a later entry in the series builds on the work of earlier entries. Of course someone could prefer an older Uncharted game for preferring that one's story leading to ranking it higher, and it is fair to praise the newest Uncharted game for any refinements it made to the game mechanics since the entry before it upon release, but if you're fairly comparing Uncharted 2 to Uncharted 4 and your argument for why 2 is so much worse is that they don't possess those refinements 4 only got from the work of 3 and 2 itself, that's not a fair argument for why 4 is better. That just saying of course the newest one is best, because it gets everything 2 and 3 did and gets to add more to it. There's also exceptions even within games of a series like Pokemon games, where GameFreak often does not bring back some improvements from previous entries to the newest one leading to additional reasons to value an old one over a new one outside of all the other reasons one could prefer an older game. Then there's games more like Final Fantasy where most the games try to be deliberately different from one another, easily leading to a wide split between favorites amount fans, because that weight of just building up over time isn't as present to sway most people towards newer entries.

    These are both Smash games that increased their roster size, stage selection, and music library. Ultimate only has more of this content being discussed, because the ground work for specifically that content was laid out during 64, Melee, Brawl, and Smash 4. This specific new to Ultimate content doesn't even match up to the new to Melee content going from 64 to Melee. If Melee was made today, it'd have the same luxury of getting to pull things from Brawl, Smash 4, and hypothetically Ultimate if we're just flipping them in the timelines, as well as would be developed for a medium that allows a larger filesize on it accommodating that extra amount of content.

    That's why when comparing the two you have to cut Melee some slack on that front. It doesn't lack those things out of worse game design or lazier devs at the time but instead because of when it was developed and released. Ultimate having that stuff is great, but it shouldn't be this huge bonus on Ultimate's end if you're fairly comparing the two. If all that was new to Ultimate, not mostly work from past games brought back into it, and it exceeded the amount Melee added, then that would be an argument for why Ultimate is better. Where we actually are though Melee added more new content than Ultimate on these fronts, so if we're being fair, Melee should get the credit here instead.

  • Just finished World of Light. It feels like it goes on forever at times (no joke my final completion time is like 26 and a half hours or something, granted I went for the hundo) but whenever you're in a portal and doing a section that's clearly themed around a specific game's world it's really cool, and the bosses are all excellent. Overall I had a good time, though I'm not looking forward to having to redo that final boss for one of the challenges on the board.

  • @mbun It doesnt matter what the could haves or what it could have built on. They did the best with what they had and the resources they had. it still makes smash ultimate a better package for me though.

  • Oh hey this is a thing! Cool! I've been really enjoying the game! I doubt I'll reach a higher level of skill but I'm still having fun!

  • Just picked up a Switch for "free" (traded in my WiiU/games + giftcards over the past year) and naturally, I picked up Smash first. My impressions are light so far because I plan on saving a lot of things like World of Light for a trip I'm taking soon, but I'll say that I'm immediately enjoying this release more than Smash on the WiiU. Even playing with my roommate on the tiny Joy-cons turned sideways worked out way better than I had anticipated.

  • I finished World of Light yesterday and I recognize this is an unpopular thought but... it just wasn't very good at all. I'm a sucker for RPG mechanics but I think they don't really add anything to the experience of Smash. The first hour was intriguing, picking up spirits, leveling them, avoiding fights I wasn't powerful enough for... but the rest of the journey felt like a slog. I wouldn't consider myself a Smash expert but the normal difficulty was too easy and stuffed with too many fights. Over 80% of the fights ended in less than 5 seconds, all so I could pick up the 12th spirit that gives wind immunity. The most "challenging" fights involved floors with status effects but all you needed to do there was swap out your party and bam, another fight over in a few seconds. While there are some moments that filled me with joy (mostly entering the "dungeon" like sections for the first time), World of Light is mostly just mindless and way too long. Since no new ideas are really introduced throughout the length of the game, it gets stale... quick. Even though it takes like 20-30 hours to complete, it honestly just felt extremely lazy and I'm glad I'm finished with it finally.

    At least I've got the full roster unlocked finally and can hopefully get some Smash on with friends soon enough.

  • @sabotagethetruth Unpopular or not I agree wholeheartedly. Try out Classic Mode if you haven't though. It is much better imo.

    Some of us should get together over the weekend and fight

  • I finished it the other day too. Pretty much played it every day on my commutes and as @SabotageTheTruth mentioned, the RPG elements are kinda pointless as you just earn cards that completely negate that effect. I had a fine time playing it and some of the dungeons were cool but ya... there's nothing really there. And I was a little let down by the other two cutscenes.

  • Posting here, because I know some people wanted every Spirit, and they're introducing limited time ones now. I hate limited time crap.

  • I think this is the same deal as those mario party ones they did a while ago, I hope so at least because I hate limited time crap like this as well. Getting Spirits is a pain in the ass, I've still got two I'm missing this far out just because they never show up on the spirit board for me.

  • Banjo Kazooie releasing today (September 4) and the next fighter (per leaks) will be Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury/King of Fighters.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I know most won't really care that Terry is the next character but I was so happy. That reveal was so freaking cool for someone like me that one played all those Neo Geo games back in the day, and two I was really hoping it was going to be Terry, I thought Kyo the face of king of fighters was going to be it but im so glad its Terry, dude is just the coolest.

  • @themarcv i thought for sure it would have been Mai

  • @ff7cloud Damn, I wasn't thinking Mai at all, maybe cuz shes a little revealing, but that would have been cool too actually. I was half thinking the dude from Metal Slug just cuz that game might be Neo Geo's most popular.

  • Thinking bout it now I can already picture the move set he would use. Normal no direct special is his projectile, left/right will be the burning knuckle, up will be his spinning up kick move and down special will probably be power geyser. Can't wait to see more, keeping my fingers crossed that some of these new DLC characters will also be getting Amiibo, im sold on Joker/Hero/Terry Amiibos

  • We're pretty much at November, which means Terry should be joining soon enough. I'm curious if we'll get the 5th DLC fighter revealed before or after his launch, as well as what else might come to the game with the next big patch.

    I might try to look up an EZA Discord later, but is there even an EZA group for matchmaking Smash Bros.? I've gotten to a point where I'm playing the game a bit more competetively but not quite in a try-hard tournament level. Quick Play is just...mostly gross, but Arenas with strangers can be pretty weird, too. I'm struggling to find a nice, chill community of Smash Bros. to play with and improve with. But I ADORE this game (despite its quirks which reinforce spammy play imo) and just want more stable people to play with and socialize with. I'm at a point where I'm considering going to craigslist just out of desperation. x'D I've found a couple Discord servers but I'm still looking for other places. Anyone have any recommendations?

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    I'm curious if we'll get the 5th DLC fighter revealed before or after his launch, as well as what else might come to the game with the next big patch.

    I get the feeling we wont see the 5th fighter until the VGAs again. As for more extra content, I think they said after the Home Run Contest dropped not to expect much beyond that but I might be remembering wrong.