Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch)

  • Remember kids...

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  • @yoshi Apparently, in Japanese, he actually said Mai was excluded to maintain Cero A rating - per GameXplain.

    Personally, I'm cool with her being cut. She's a boring character to play or watch and the model is pretty much everything I dislike about Japanese games.

  • More details about their decision, the reason is indeed Japan's overzealous age ratings.

    At the end of the day, nothing to get up in arms about, they're freaking background characters, not even assist trophies. If Sakurai didn't mention Mai at all I'm sure 99% of the people watching wouldn't even have noticed she was "missing".

  • Sakurai has more sense than most people these days I gotta say.

    In any case I don't think anybody actually expected Mai to be in the stage for this exact reason. I'm pretty sure he only brought it up since she is an iconic character and her total no-show does kinda stick out like a sore thumb to the fans. And I mean sure the average smash player might not know or care about that kinda thing, but considering Sakurai brought up a Hyper Neo Geo 64 game of all things in his presentation on Terry he knew who the audience was for it.

  • @axel said:

    I'm sure 99% of the people watching wouldn't even have noticed she was "missing".

    I remember people asking for her as a Fighter and hoping it'd be her who got the invitation. Before Sakurai detailed the character, some people were saying they hoped characters including her would be built into Terry like assists. I mean Smash has such wide appeal your comment probably still stands, because so many people are watching period, but the SNK fans definitely would've noticed her absence even if Sakurai didn't mention it. I agree about the part of "who cares? it is just a background cameo" though.

    I'm still laughing to this day when I see art of Smash Mythra, because artists turned around her censorship for Smash into something new to love. She didn't need to be censored either, but reading what you linked makes it easy to understand why it happened.

  • @mbun Yeah my 99% was an exaggeration, my point was more that a lot of the angry internet people complaining about this are only working themselves up purely out of principle, not because their enjoyment of the game will actually be affected by it.

    Just like the people angry at the "missing" Pokemon in Sword and Shield. The game will offer several hundreds of Pokemon but apparently it can't be fun unless they're ALL here. They must have hated Red and Blue with their measly 151 creatures...

  • @axel said:

    my point was more that a lot of the angry internet people complaining about this are only working themselves up purely out of principle

    Sure, but then you got the true fans, who are doing stuff like this now as consolation:
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  • From what I've been told, he actually talked about CERO with a sarcastic tone, which is why the localization made a meme out of it -- ie 'Mai didn't get in because Smash Bros. NEVER has ANYTHING sexual in it AT ALLLlllll...;P'

    In either case, I'm way happier with the Terry update than I expected. I love his playstyle, I love his stage, and I LOVE the massive song selection they added. Every DLC character has been a knock out of the park imo, as a long time Smash Bros. fan. They all represent distinctly different parts of gaming history and each pack has added unique mechanics to the game. I don't know how much more is coming to the game but 2020 is looking bright for Ultimate, especially with it now being the best-selling fighting game of all time.

    On the flipside, that also makes it that much harder to feel competent at the game, since THAT many more people are taking it seriously.

  • Terry's real fun to use, yeah. I always feel like I've got a new toy when DLC drops but I usually put away smash after a few days regardless or at least just go back to my old standbys (Pac-Man and ZSS to a lesser extent) but I think I might use him a lot in the future.

  • Resident Evil spirits coming to Smash
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    Also Sabi, the guy who Nintendo sent a C&D to prevent him from revealing last E3's Nintendo Direct is talking about Dante being the 5th DLC character

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    The Arms character coming to Smash will be announced next Monday, June 22 at 7am PT

  • Should've been Ninjara... oh well at least it's not twintelle.

  • @yoshi I've never played Arms but if she's half as good as MinMin Gyoza in Akasaka, I'm all in.

  • I think my favorite part of this entire video is the way Captain Falcon goes after those noodles. I've got to make those into some gifs or something.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern you should play ARMS. It's actually so fun and more in depth than people think.

  • @yoshi Not that I think anyone would listen to that recommendation, but in case someone does, wait until ARMS 2. ARMS is a dead community.

  • @mbun I would if it weren't still full price. I can't really blame Nintendo for their pricing strategy with first-party IPs since it works but man is it frustrating.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Normally, the time to pounce would be when Nintendo finally unveils their first line of Switch Nintendo Selects and they all get priceslashed to $20, but given how important a fighting game having a community to play against is, even that won't save ARMS. Only an anticipated sequel after Smash inclusion hopefully drives up interest can help it now. I think awhile back there was some way to play ARMS for free for awhile though. Keep an eye out for another of those.

  • @mbun
    I don't see Nintendo Selects/Players Choice being a thing on Switch for another 2 years at earliest, although I'd like to be wrong.