Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch)

  • I think Ice Climbers returning is a lock. Banjo isn't impossible since Microsoft is down for it but I dunno. If I had to pick two more likely newcomers from Nintendo's side I'd probably go with Wonder Red and Takamaru.

    If I'm being completely selfish my real desires are Neku from TWEWY and Karate Joe (or Agent J, either works.)

  • @hanabi Seeing as Wonder Red is a Platinum character, he falls in the category of 3rd Party characters, no?

    Also, now that I think of it, we should expect a character from either Xenoblade Chronicles X or Xenoblade 2 as well.

  • @sonmi I think Wonderful 101 is a nintendo owned IP rather than just being a Wii U exclusive (like say Bayonetta, which despite being made by Platinum is a Sega IP) but I could be wrong on that.

  • I'd like to see Amaterasu in Smash. Seeing as Okami was on the Wii and now it's coming to Switch, I don't think that it's impossible. Capcom's not using her, so they really might as well. It'd be interesting see how she played if she did make it in.

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    @michemagius I think Amy is a bit to obscure for Smash.
    I'm betting Megaman and Ryu will return, with Hunter from MH being a newcomer, and maybe Dante so we can all finally have that dream character action matchup between Dante and Bayo.

  • Just going to guess that all the guest fighters from Smash 4 will return, I don't think Dante will make it in (as much as I'd like him too)

  • @sonmi i think the deal is, wonder red is a nintendo ip. bayonetta is a sega ip but nintendo is the publisher and the holder of the rights for 2 and 3, which is why bayo 1 keeps getting re released because sega still holds the distribution rights for 1.

  • @dmcmaster he would be extremely out of place because the franchise has never had a game on nintendo platforms. cloud is a odd exception, but i guess as dlc characters go it's probably more lax.

  • @dmcmaster I can honestly see them dropping Cloud for the new one tbh, just like they did with Snake.

  • @el-shmiablo said:

    I'm betting Megaman and Ryu will return

    Megaman should come back with a slightly tweaked moveset. Ryu I could see just not returning though. Didn't help that he got leaked before his reveal, so the amount of buzz having him in the game should've caused didn't happen, and he got overshadowed by Cloud and others.

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    @dmcmaster Why would Dante be out of place? Cloud Strife and Solid Snake say hello.

  • If they are going to announce a Wii-Fit Trainer / Duck Hunt "shock the audience"-style character, I want it to be Kraid, except it's not Super Metroid's Kraid. It's old ass, NES 8-bit Kraid whose height was no bigger than Samus. His more familiar SNES form can still be included in the game somehow as a final smash or what have you, but the shock and the joke of the character reveal is that you'll be fighting as this super deformed, low detail version of a familiar series villain.

  • @el-shmiablo
    True, true. Might have been my medicine and lack of sleep getting to me when I posted that.

  • What are the odds of seeing Crash? I mean, he's coming to the switch already, so why not?
    Activision Royalties I hear you say, to which I say: Yeah, okay that makes sense.. BUT with the trilogy being made in the first place, actually being released, then going multiplatform because it sold well (I just assume that's the reason) Activision might be looking to revive our favorite bandicoot and the exposure from him being in Smash would probably serve them well!

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    @fridge-man It would br pretty awesome to have a faceoff between Crash, Sonic, and Mario. I'm sure Microsoft would beg for Master Chief to be included at that point.

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    I'll settle for any other character from the Wars series, even if it's just Max as a copycat version of Donkey Kong.

  • @crepe As much as I love this series, I just can't see how a rep from it would work. I actually think assist trophies work well for them.

    But hurry up and make a new one for Switch Nintendo.

  • I could see Zero (from Mega Man X, also update Mega Man to his X version) and a Rabbid (preferably Rabbid Peach) make it and be cool new additions!

  • @mbun Yeah, that's a valid point. But I'm thinking that if they got Wii Fit Trainer to work, they can get someone from Wars to work.

  • @crepe Yea, it's possible.