Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch)

  • @bard91 said:

    As someone who juat wants to see as many characters as possible and gives no shits about balancing, seeing Zero, Knucles, Shovel Knight and Krystals presented as assist is a bit infuriating.

    @Inustar said:

    I like the assists as another way to include more characters since its impossible for every character to be playable.

    Remember, it could always be worse.

    I do think Bomberman deserves more than being an assist trophy though.

  • @mbun i have a strong feeling that Geno might be one of the last newcomerss that they announce for this game tbqh.

    sakurai has prevously even stated he'd like to include him as a fighter before.

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    @yoshi Automatically my new main.

  • @el-shmiablo i main multiple characters already. Yoshi, Olimar, Dedede, Samus & Lucas.

    of the Ultimate characters announced so far i intend to make Ridley, Pokemon Trainer, Pichu, Dark Samus and King K Rool as my new mains that i also become good with.

    i have Super Mario RPG but its a 90's game that was never released in Europe & Australia until the Wii era so i haven't bothered to finish the game yet nor do i any nostalgic attachment to the game.

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    @yoshi I main Wario most of the time, but Shiek and Samus were my melee mains so I'm decent with them as well.

    Mario RPG is a hard top 5 of mine. One of the best RPGs ever made imho.

  • @el-shmiablo i want to love Wario but i suck ass with him.

    i suck with shiek as well but i love fighting Shiek's. i used to fight so much of them that i just find them easy to counter with my Olimar & Yoshi now.

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    @yoshi Wario is just so fun to play. It pisses my friends off when we play together because we often do no items final destination, and he is one of the only characters who can create items, but it makes sense since one of his moves relies on ingesting items.

    I played Samus in melee but subbed Shiek. Played Shiek in Brawl when I found out the nerfed Samus into the ground, at least until I discovered the true majesty of Wario. He's been my dude ever since then. Just such a versatile character imo.

    We'll have to get in a match or two some day.

  • @yoshi Considering FF still only has two music tracks I doubt SE is allowing Nintendo anything beyond what they already provided for 4.

  • @hanabi a week ago i wouldn't have thought it was possible at all

    but since Ridley, K Rool and Simon Belmont have now all got in, i just have a huge feeling that Geno will make it in too.

    they were the 4 stand out characters that people have been begging for since back in the Melee and Brawl days.

  • Zack Fair echo character?

  • @ff7cloud Yes please.

  • @yoshi said:

    i have Super Mario RPG but its a 90's game that was never released in Europe & Australia until the Wii era so i haven't bothered to finish the game yet nor do i any nostalgic attachment to the game.

    No secret that it is my favorite game of all time, and Geno is one of my favorite characters of all time, so if Geno made it playable in Smash that's all I'd ever need. I never had a SNES growing up myself, but some kid down the street had one and SMRPG, and I used to play boring basketball with him for hours just to get thirty minutes if that at a time with SMRPG. Made it all the way to the final boss, but never could beat them as a kid. Then later I grew up and finally was able to get the game myself and finish it like a decade later. Even own multiple copies of it now thanks to stuff like Club Nintendo and SNES Classic. Hoping for playable Geno in Smash still feels like hoping for Shenmue 3 before that was announced, can't hold my breath for it after so long, but it'll always be a dream.

    All that said, I'm hyped to try out Simon Belmont and Inkling since I've recently developed love for the Castlevania franchise, and I've been big on Splatoon since it was first announced. Sakurai trolled me by releasing the Direct on 8/8/2018 and not having Octolings revealed as an echo fighter, especially since the Inklings in Smash all pull from Splatoon 1 designs, so Octolings to represent Splatoon 2 would make perfect sense. Also, even though I'm not a huge fan of FE in Smash and wasn't begging for this addition, I've always liked Chrom's design more than Marth and Lucina, so I could see myself play them some.

    I'm equally excited to go back to my old mains like Pikachu, Luigi, Young Link, Palutena, etc., and see how they've been updated for this new game. Pikachu felt so wrong to me in Smash 4 that I had to stop using him, so I hope that weirdness has been ironed out for Ultimate, especially now that I can finally play as a female Pikachu. It's no Raichu, but I'll take it. Luigi still looks slippery and great. He even slid around in the Castlevania reveal CG, so I'm not worried at all about him. Toon Link was never a proper replacement for Young Link. He felt completely different to control, so I'm actually pretty excited to get Young Link back, even though I should prefer Toon Link, because I prefer the games he represents. Palutena will be the most interesting, since she was basically the poster goddess for custom moves in Smash 4, something the larger community rejected as a whole and seems to have been removed from Ultimate. That means Palutena's base moveset should be reworked in Ultimate to include the best of her offerings from all the custom options she used to have, which should improve her overall quite a bit.

  • Im still hoping for Elma from Xenoblade 2 and Wonder Red

    although im really happy chrom and dark samus are in. if they didnt announce any more character id still be satisfied

    all i need is a good campaign

  • @bigdude1 Elma isn't from Xenoblade 2.

    she's a garbage character from a garbage Xenoblade entry.

    Xenoblade 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>> XCX

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    @yoshi I'm actually pretty disappointed with the direction the Xeno games have taken at this point.
    Feel more like some Tales-esque kusoge bullshit than the Neon Genesis Evangelion of RPGs that previous entries felt like.

  • @el-shmiablo Do you just want zero comedic relief? Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has a good story overall and keeps all the main characters important the whole way through, which is more than I can say about Tales currently. I get not liking some of the more cringy comedic relief scenes like "Blushy Crushy", but they're pretty few and far between. The game also knows when to stop doing them and stay serious in the back half. I think we're definitely a step up from the Xenosaga days, but I guess it comes down to a matter of taste. Maybe you enjoy hour long cutscenes that take themselves way too seriously.

    I'm kind of fine with no Xenoblade 2 or X rep in Smash though. Shulk is enough. If we got another, I'd rather have Tora and Poppi over Rex and Pyra as they'd be more unique.

    @Yoshi X isn't garbage. It is just a way different spinoff with focus on other things. Has a super interesting world to explore and interesting sidequests to dig into, but the main story should be treated as filler. Very bad faces too.

  • @yoshi lol i had a wire crossed in my brain, i meant X

    X is great, its just very different. Its more exploration focused which is fine. it just kinda suffered because they couldnt integrate the story as well into it

  • @el-shmiablo xeno 2 still had it, they just try to kinda make stuff like that a twist rather than getting to it from the start.

  • @bigdude1 Xenoblade X is a good game. but compared to Xenoblade 1 & 2 it's mediocre trash.

  • I was pretty disappointed with Smash after E3 but this Direct made me excited again.

    Simon Belmont is a character I've wanted for a long time.