Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch)

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    @yoshi I'm actually pretty disappointed with the direction the Xeno games have taken at this point.
    Feel more like some Tales-esque kusoge bullshit than the Neon Genesis Evangelion of RPGs that previous entries felt like.

  • @el-shmiablo Do you just want zero comedic relief? Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has a good story overall and keeps all the main characters important the whole way through, which is more than I can say about Tales currently. I get not liking some of the more cringy comedic relief scenes like "Blushy Crushy", but they're pretty few and far between. The game also knows when to stop doing them and stay serious in the back half. I think we're definitely a step up from the Xenosaga days, but I guess it comes down to a matter of taste. Maybe you enjoy hour long cutscenes that take themselves way too seriously.

    I'm kind of fine with no Xenoblade 2 or X rep in Smash though. Shulk is enough. If we got another, I'd rather have Tora and Poppi over Rex and Pyra as they'd be more unique.

    @Yoshi X isn't garbage. It is just a way different spinoff with focus on other things. Has a super interesting world to explore and interesting sidequests to dig into, but the main story should be treated as filler. Very bad faces too.

  • @yoshi lol i had a wire crossed in my brain, i meant X

    X is great, its just very different. Its more exploration focused which is fine. it just kinda suffered because they couldnt integrate the story as well into it

  • @el-shmiablo xeno 2 still had it, they just try to kinda make stuff like that a twist rather than getting to it from the start.

  • @bigdude1 Xenoblade X is a good game. but compared to Xenoblade 1 & 2 it's mediocre trash.

  • I was pretty disappointed with Smash after E3 but this Direct made me excited again.

    Simon Belmont is a character I've wanted for a long time.

  • So small theory, but I think we will at least see 2 reps (3-4 when adding echos) per Third party company, Megaman and Ryu for Capcom, Snake and Simon for Konami, Pac-Man and *Heheachi for Namco, and Cloud and *Geno for Square Enix (Since they co-own Geno)

    (* currently just rumored characters)

  • I wouldn't be surprised if Sonic got a Shadow echo since his AT spot seems to have been usurped by Knuckles.

  • @hanabi said in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch):

    I wouldn't be surprised if Sonic got a Shadow echo since his AT spot seems to have been usurped by Knuckles.

    I think there are three possibilities here that have a big likelihood of happening. Since Knuckles made it as an assist trophy, there is little likelihood that Tails is not in the game. He will either be an assist trophy as well, or a new character. I highly doubt he'd be an echo fighter due to Sonic having more similarities to Shadow than Tails, well, if you compare his modern abilities over his classic.

    I think Shadow will either not be an echo fighter and remain as an assist trophy, or be an echo.

    I believe this since Knuckles I feel is largely less requested over Shadow and Tails, so to see him as the first revealed Sega character making a new appearance has me more hopeful than if Knuckles wasn't shown at all.

    Finally, I'm also guessing that Tails and knuckles will be cut out of the background in Sonic's green hill stage in case Knuckles pops up as an assist trophy, which given Sakurai's attention to this kind of detail, seems like he would be very aware and conscious about.

  • @hanabi Shadow can go die in a hole.

    i'd prefer Tails or Eggman over Shadow any day of the week. at least Tails and Eggman would actually be unique instead of just being yet ANOTHER Clone/Echo.

    why are clones suddenly cool now? i thought the smash community hated clone characters?, what with the whole memes about Sword Fighting Fire Emblem fighters and such.

  • @hanabi If Shadow wields realistic weaponry like he did in his own game then i'll allow it. The idea of gunning down Mario with an AK-47 as Shadow is too fun to pass.

  • @yoshi Never said I particularly wanted Shadow just that I expect him. Eggman would be a cool addition but I don't see it happening. And I dunno I never had a problem with clones/echoes. They don't take any real development time compared to a whole new character and surely they make at least one person happy seeing their guy/gal get in as playable, so it's win-win.

  • @hanabi
    Shadow does make the most sense as a echo fighter, and second Sega rep, although id personally prefer Alis, Nei, or Rolf from Phantasy Star

  • Technically Bayonetta is the second Sega rep since the IP is owned by them.

  • @yoshi said:

    i'd prefer Tails or Eggman over Shadow any day of the week. at least Tails and Eggman would actually be unique instead of just being yet ANOTHER Clone/Echo.

    The whole point is that Shadow would be an Echo, so he wouldn't require much more development time to implement. I doubt Sakurai is going to give Sonic series two real reps in Smash, even if Eggman would be hype as hell. I think Bowser Jr. has stolen some of his thunder though. Maybe Eggman could work as a Bowser Jr. Echo though?

    why are clones suddenly cool now?

    Sure, everyone would still prefer to have full character additions, but it just isn't realistic. The roster is already huge. Echoes just allow extra flavors for a character that would've been restricted to unplayable assist trophy before. Basically, it's better than nothing.

    @bam541 Probably a gun taunt at best, and even that I don't see happening.

  • Yep, would have loved Chrom being his own charcter, but I'll take his weird mashup of Ike and Marth moves

  • @dmcmaster
    I would have love it if some other FE character was announce. Hell, no new FE rep would have been better. I also thought he was a Roy echo.

  • @sacred-arfaid
    From what I saw he has Ike' s up B, but Marth/Roy/Lucineas Forward B

  • Loved watching Damiani and Kyle get devastated by the Direct and then finally there was that relief. So many emotions during those 40 mins!

  • I was a bit disappointed in the final character reveals, but that's less because of who was shown off and more the fact that the reveals just progressively got weaker as they went on. I get wanting to start with a bang with Ridley and K. Rool but they really shoulda saved one of them for the end instead of having it end out with echoes, semi-clones and a pokemon that most people weren't even that keen on. That said it's a nice roster all around, and they definitely turned it around with that absolutely insane, 10/10 choice for the first DLC character.

    Didn't like the concept of Spirits when they were first discussing how it worked and how it was outright replacing trophies (still upset about that bit actually) but the game mode itself looks really fun so I'm cool with it overall. Especially love how the challenges are all tuned specifically around the spirits and the overworld. And that last trailer was full-on Doc Brown Spider Monster material.