Code of Princess is getting a remaster!

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  • If you dont wanna buy a switch for ports then dont, wait for games you want....thats what im doing for ps4

    @cocage i hate the box art, you can tell its not the same illustrator as the original character designer

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  • @bigdude1 said in Code of Princess is getting a remaster!:

    If you dont wanna buy a switch for ports then dont, wait for games you want....thats what im doing for ps4

    I'm assuming that was a response to suplextrain.

    @bigdude1 said in Code of Princess is getting a remaster!:

    @cocage i hate the box art, you can tell its not the same illustrator as the original character designer

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    The new art is weaker compared to the original. I don't know why they could not have used the same art assets from the original. They should have just used the Japanese cover from the 3DS.

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  • Shows too much, too clearly. It might rile up those all too sensitive feminists.

  • @sheria The funny thing is, when CoP first showed up in 2012, none of them stepped up or complained. Other than IGN or Polygon; which didn't matter, because the game sold well. Must have been the fun characters and a good story.

  • They've gotten progressively worse Imo.

  • @sheria And dats da truth!

  • @cocage yeah it was a response to the argument

  • I actually bought a US 3DS for this game and a couple of others, I'm truly dreadful at it though, as in really, really bad. I got to some fast ninja like boss or something, that threw things at me (hazy memory) and he just kept kicking my ass

  • @sheria Juppongi is the ninja's name. He's hard if you have been leveling up different characters instead of sticking to one. That's the fastest way through beating the game without having too much trouble. Also, there is an item called Sunburst you get halfway throughout the game, and can equip it to any character. The item itself is a game breaker causing huge burst a damage every time you activated. Some stages you could complete by constantly turning on your super mode on and off with Sunburst equipped. The explosion had a huge blast radius that made it hard for enemies to avoid. I bet they fixed that in the new version.

  • I'll have to give it another go. Thanks for the tips!

  • @bard91
    According to the game it's a designer gown.
    The game isn't too heavy on the sexual stuff. It's mostly just silly.

  • Looks like a fun time. Excited to pick it up when it releases.

  • I picked this up earlier this evening and I am having a blast.


    • Co-op without having to do free mode. In the original release, you could only do the campaign in single player. This didn't make sense for a game that was advertising co-op multiplayer. So now you can do singke player, couch two player co-op, and couch battle modes.

    • You can select more than four characters in your party in the main capaign. The single player limited you to Solange, Ali, Zozo, and Allegro. While other characters were unlockable, you could not used them until playing in quest or free mode. Now you can play Sister Hel, Master T, and Tsukikage after immediately beating their stages.

    • HD, playing on a big screen, and 60fps with little to no slowdown unlike the vanilla version.

    • No gimmicky 3D that causes major slowdown.

    • It comes with a cd, manual, and reversible cover.

    • Leveling up has been streamlined in that you won't have to grind as much in leveling up your character individually. In the 3ds version, you customize your characters experience points, but it could take a while to get them leveled up. Though there many exploits found to cut 90% of the grinding. Now how it works is that whatever character you beat level as gets 100% exp, while other people in your party get 50% of the exp.


    • No dual audio dubbing. All you get is the Japanese dub with English subs. I find it disappointing, because the dubbing was really good, and enjoyed it more than the Japanese version. I don't know why they could not get the English dub, unless there was some copyright problems. It's not a deal breaker, but I do find it annoying. So, if you have copies of your 3DS original, I'd say keep it for the dubbing and the bonuses that came with it if you pre-ordered.

    • Even with the boost in frame rate, CoP is still not as fast paced as its spiritual predecessor, Guardian Heroes. This is more of a personal thing, but I like playing bralwes at a fast pace. CoP is fast paced, but slower compared GH. Then again, GH is all sprites, while CoP uses polygons. I still think they could have upped the speed in combat a bit more, but anyone can get used to it.

    Code of Princess is still a good game, and should be part of every Switch owners collection. With a price of 39.99, and all that content, you can't go wrong. Let me know, if any of you guys or gals have questions. Don't ask me about the online yet, because I won't be trying it for a whole.