What game surprised you the most?

  • When it comes to gaming sometimes there are games you are very skeptical towards and think it's gonna be a bad game either from hearsay or from what you have seen from the game. What are some games that surprised you in a good way after you had finished the game?

  • Off the top of my head, I have to say the Portal games. I tried it out with some trepidation because at the time I wasn't sure about both Valve OR puzzle games. But this was a delightful experience.

  • I think Skate. Nobody realized they wanted an open world skateboarding game until it happened. Approach a spot and have a battle with it like a real skater. The game even had a learning curve like none other where the game never actually changes but you just understand the timing more.

    I can basically play the game like Tony Hawk nowadays and I wish I could erase my skill and go back to playing it for the first time in 2007.

  • @the_andredal said:

    after you had finished the game?

    Will report back after I finish what I just started, which is so far amazing.

  • I mean, Undertale for various reasons I won't spoil. More recently, Fortnite, as I had dismissed the battle royale genre as a passing fad after watching some PUBG gameplay. Actually diving into a better aesthetic with more versatility in Fortnite, it took me by surprise with how addicting and unique each match can be.

  • Wolfenstein New Order. I thought it's just gonna be a good dumb game, but it ended up being one of my favorite FPS game ever. It's story and characters in particular really made me in love with it.

    Dark Souls. Back then, i wasn't really into gaming like i am now (basically i'm the textbook definition of casual). I never played anything like this, and i was fully engaged the whole way through despite the difficulty. I never played a game so hard up until that point. I remember showing off the boss in the game (the big one in the sewers) to my friends, they were all horrified and just watched in agony as i struggle to even damage it.

    Uncharted 3 surprised me a lot too. I never played the Uncharted games, never even heard of them, up until i played this game. I expect nothing from it, the graphics looks great so i bought it. I just couldn't wrap my head around how beautifully cinematic and fun the game is. It was a joy playing it while my friends watch it with me, especially during the epic set pieces. Along with Dark Souls, this game kick started my love of gaming.

  • I'm playing through Dead Space at the minute. I can't believe how well it holds up for a 10 year old game the graphics, gameplay, level & sound design haven't aged a day. I'm playing on the X but I don't think its any different than the 360 version. Its a 10.

  • I can name a myriad of games that surprised and delighted me much more than I expected, but as to whether specifically I went into them with bad hearsay or negative expectations? ...none immediately come to mind.

    So I'll have to share a slightly different experience:

    I very distinctly remember playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the first time. Due to my circumstances, I didn't get the pleasure of playing it until the year 2011 (5 years after launch!). So for half a decade I kept reading complaints and nitpicks over this game, and some people outright were calling it a subpar Zelda game. It had a tarnished reception indeed from all I knew browsing forums...

    But after finally playing it for myself? I adored the game! It delighted me and while it isn't perfect I still struggle to rank it relative to my other favorite 3D Zeldas (like Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time) due to the strengths of TP. Another thing I distinctly remember is that I absolutely could not believe that for 5 freakin years I kept hearing people rag on Twilight Princess with complaints about its "rupee messages" and other minor things which hardly registered at all to me when I played the game.