Will Dreams by Media Molecule be considered a new medium?

  • Hello Allies. I'm hoping to get some input from the fine community here about something that has been on my mind for a while. Its becoming more and more apparent that Dreams is such a powerful creation tool that new production companies could possibly form almost entirely from its use. That may sound naive and maybe even a bit crazy yet I've heard this discussion quite a few times now. So I'm wondering, is it possible that Dreams is a new medium or could create a new medium such that it can distinguish itself from being a game, movie, song, book, etc ... ? For example, a future conversation -- "You've gotta check out "The Last CHIM"." "Oh yeah. Is it a movie or a game?" "No. Its a dream." Sorry for the cheesy and poorly written example. Hopefully you get the idea and I'd love to hear what you think. L&R

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    I doubt it.
    As it stands it is just a very user friendly but very simple set of development tools. I'm sure we'll see some very impressive things done with Dreams, and it might even serve as launch pad for budding developers, but I don't think it will become anything resembling it's own "platform".

  • I think it will take on a very vibrant life and community of its own, but I don't see it becoming an industry threshold like an actual engine would. If the tools are there, expect great things, but idk about an entire medium coming from Dreams.

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    I think that dreams will be absolutely awesome, it will allow for creations that we cant even imagine at the moment. However, I feel like it will be more of a creative games tool rather than something more outside the box. With LBP creation tool we got to see some really different and fun mods, but thats kind all it becomes Im afraid, created, developed new game experiences, but Im not sure if a new medium is what we will get out of it.

  • Not a new medium, but I won't be surprised if we get finished game products that include Dreams in the credits, like "music made in Dreams" or "assets made in Dreams." Just like you'd get a mention of SpeedTree in the credits of some games.

    I also won't be surprised at things like "check out what Hideo Kojima made in Dreams" happening once it's out on the market. But still, not enough to become a new medium though.