A Way Out (Origin, PS4, Xbox One)

  • Just wanted to make a thread for this game A Way Out, or maybe better know as that "F*%$ the Oscars" game. I was a really big fan of Brothers a tale of two sons and this game looks like more of that but just bigger and better. I know they just released some longer gameplay footage but I've put myself on media blackout for this one (something I personally never do).

    So who else is excited for this one??

  • I'm gonna wait to see how it reviews but I'm excited to do some couch co-op with my mates If it turns out good

  • I'm really looking forward to A Way Out. Had the pleasure of playing Brothers on recently. Can't wait to see the next creation from Josef!

  • I'm so hyped! This is the kind of game that I would have fun with even if it was bad.

  • @futurecorpse Does it actually have couch co-op? I thought it was only online co-op, but I may be wrong.

  • @axel The game was debuted at E3 by Josef Fares literally saying that you CAN do online co-op but to get the full experience of the game as he designed and intended, he wants"you and a friend to play it together on your couch"

    He starts talking about the co-op around here.
    Youtube Video – [02:17..]

    "Yeah, couch is nice right? Action! Finally!"

  • @tokyoslim Awesome then, don't know where I got this idea! Definitely more interested now!

  • At some point we're going to need to propose a 2 team "Jolly Co-Operation" EZA group stream night with 4 people on 2 controllers.

  • Has anyone been able to put time into this one yet? I played about 2-3 hours with my fiancee and we had a pretty good time. I think the concept of playing a co-op game where your trying to break out of prison is really interesting. The game has some good ideas but I personally feel the writing and voice acting is a little more on the weaker side. That being said I also think the game gets stronger the deeper you get in to it, the scenarios seem to get more dynamic as you progress and I'm enjoying it more now in hour 3 then I was in hour 1.

    Mostly I wanted to hear how others have felt playing it, who were you playing with and how have you been enjoying the experience? Anyone try the free online part with someone without the game?

  • Myself and a friend are planning on playing through the whole thing on Sunday so I'm looking forward to that. It's good to see most of the feedback is pretty positive on the game although I have heard some mixed stuff like what you mentioned with the story and just how choices feel a bit meaningless.

  • @tokeeffe9

    Let us know what you think when you get to put some time in, also are you two gonna play local or co op? I still havent tried the your friend can play for free thing yet.

  • @themarcv Ya, he's calling over. I think we might stream the whole thing too. :)

  • Played through the whole thing with @Joetown yesterday. If you’ve any interest, it’s all here, my twitch stream. I will say that there is a pretty clear echo from the PS4. We couldn’t really throw on headphones as other people came over too so apologies about that.

    So onto the game, I was very excited about A Way Out the first time it was shown. Hard not to be with the way Fares speaks and I really liked Brothers. It’s kinda interesting how he’s gone from a game like Brothers, where it might feel like it should be a co op game to A Way Out which goes for exactly that but only wants you to play with a friend and locally if possible. For me, I’ll say that Brothers is a more impactful game even though I think A Way Out is overall probably a better game and has some very cool and impactful moments too. The only issue is that it’s so difficult to convey that when you need to get the attention of two players. A lot of that is down to the silly things two people can do although I will say that the dialogue, general story and some of the performances don’t exactly help with that either. Brothers was on a much smaller scale and if I remember right, most of the story was told through actions as opposed to any real dialogue.

    So onto that point with silliness. This is actually something I really liked about the game. That it let the player just do very stupid things. Running around in circles while another player is talking to someone, walking up to guards, seeing fail states and even just doing silly things which happened to be correct, without being specific, some of the actions in the farm house.

    On top of that, you absolutely have to give credit to just the amount of things that were implemented into the game for only small segments. Mini-games, timing actions, car chases, third person shooting sections, etc. It is pretty impressive to just see all these different mechanics in the game, even if they aren’t all perfect gameplay experiences.

    Before I get into spoilers, I can talk a little bit about why I didn’t love the story. Firstly, it does that thing where the game starts at/near the end. So like Persona 5 (and I mentioned it there too), I don’t love this storytelling technique and I dislike it even more when you constantly go back (well, forward) to this point and they mention more things that you’re about to do. This might have been better if it was a 30-40 hour game where that thing won’t happen for a few hours and it’s left as a tease as opposed to just being what you’ll do, but it’s even worse when you go straight back and do that exact thing. I just don’t know why they felt the need to constantly flash forward as it didn’t really help in fleshing out the characters. Other than that,I did mention that some of the dialogue is rough (this isn’t always bad but in the context of being serious, it’s not great. I definitely laughed at a lot of things that I probably shouldn’t have) and like with many games that seem to give the impression of freedom, the things you do don’t really matter, only the very end does.

    On the splitscreen dynamic. You actually kinda forget about it but it does a lot of cool stuff. Between making one screen bigger than the other or one player taking full focus and hearing conversations on one screen a lot clearer. That's all very cool and what it makes you realise is just how focused you can be on your own screen. There were a few times we'd assumed the other player knew what was going on, only for us to hit a fail state because they'd no idea about a guard on my screen or vice versa.

    I’m not sure how that came across but overall I’d a great time playing the game. It’s co op, so you’ll have a good time either way but this is definitely a good game too so I can recommend it. I don’t think it’s a game that you’d replay, there are times where players will be doing different things and some are very cool but I’m not sure you’d go through the whole thing again just for those few moments.

    Now for some spoilers for those that finished it. Just so you know, first set of spoilers is mostly on cool sequences and their clear inspirations and the second is on the ending.

    I just want to give a shoutout to some of the sequences. The police chase scenes were fun. The hospital scene, switching between players and having a Oldboy scene, holy crap ,that was amazing, parachute scene (interested to hear what would have happened if you went with landing) and just everything else that felt straight out of a movie (Obviously Shawshank, Scarface etc) Some very cool stuff

    I guess I have to go straight to the ending. Firstly I didn’t see it coming. Early on in the game we both kinda laughed that these guys were just in opposite cells and both hated this Harvey guy but I do like that it made sense of what seemed illogical even though the game does do it’s best to completely throw you off thinking that way.
    Also on the betrayal, it’s something I actually think about a lot as it’s one of those game ideas I’ve always had in mind. I wouldn’t have implemented it this way but I think this is one way you kinda have to do it. You are holding this information from the player when they should know but I think it’s handled pretty nicely in general. As for what I’d like,I’ll have to keep that one a secret… who knows if I’ll ever get around to doing something :)
    And on the very end end itself, it’s a bit of a sucker punch. For us, Leo ends up killing Vincent (I was Vincent and I was absolutely trying to take that gun first too but I was hoping I’d be able to just throw it away or something) That whole last section turning into a fight between the two players is very cool and clearly the moment that Fares is really hoping will connect. That you’ve spent this time together, you know these people and their family. But I think that goes against it too. With Leo, you could probably make a case for him killing Vincent (let’s just ignore him escaping the police etc) but in the case of Vincent, and I haven’t watched that ending, I don’t really see why he’d kill Leo. It feels a bit cheap that one has to die but maybe Fares didn’t like the easy option of both guys living and that being the easy happy ending. The ending did it’s job though, I was sad about what happened to my character and his family in the end and was a bit surprised at how cold Leo is in that it didn’t seem to phase him. That felt a bit off really but a small nitpick.

  • Also, the review and spoilercast on Huber Syndrome

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • Josef Fares will REVEAL his new game during EA Play Live on Thursday!

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    @jifw52 I hope he reveals it in usual, curse laden fashion.