Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life

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    Juuust a little over a month to go. Review embargo never got changed, I guess. :)

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    And here's a little background music to keep it cozy
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  • For anyone that's going to be in LA for the EZA In Concert: Revengeance Year 2 weekend...

    The grand opening of a Yakuza 6 art exhibit and party is Sat.

  • Now I wish I was getting into town earlier. That sounds like a Huber and Brad present!

  • The GameSpot review of Yakuza 6 is one of the most well written reviews in recent memory. It really hit all of the checkboxes I look for in a review personally. They criticize the directing and cinematography of the sub-stories, but the directing in the main story is so cinematic and wonderful that I'm fine with the sub-stories having static camera work cutting over-the-shoulder shot to OTS shot. I mean, it's basically what Mass Effect does the entire game and Fallout 4, but it looks way less janky in Yakuza 6. Persona 5 just holds on one shot for 10 minute long scenes. I feel like the minimal animation and camerawork in the sub-stories is super forgivable but maybe I'm looking way too far into this ONE criticism haha.

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  • Yakuza 6 demo is back up! Downloading right now.

  • lol the demo is super limited in comparison to even the first chapter of the actual game. Can't go into Club SEGA, hostess clubs, or Chinatown. Can't go into Bantam. Can't do chat. Can't finish the Haruka fan sidequest (because it requires Club Sega)... it's basically RIZAP, Batting Cage, and fighting.

  • So I'm having mixed feelings about this demo so far. I've gone as far as I can go in the main story mission because they block Little Asia off in this trial. I fully completed the Siri phone app sub-story and I have just begun the one with Haruka's fan. I've also gotten into some brawls and played karaoke. I'm about to jump back in and see if I can do anything else.

    Off the bat though, I feel like this game is already avoiding some of its strengths. One thing I absolutely loved in Yakuza 0 was the weird bird at the side of the screen when you sing karaoke as well as the odd cutscenes in the background of your songs. They sort of still have a picture slideshow but nothing as great as Kiru in a rock band in Yakuza 0 or Kiru working out in prison in Kiwami. That goofiness is a major plus for me and replacing the karaoke UI with a more standard rhythm game sheet music type overlay loses a lot of that charm. Nitpicky I know, but things like this is what makes Yakuza charming.

    Another thing is the fighting. On one hand I can basically play out a Waffle House brawl that you'd see on World Star Hip Hop because I can seamlessly transition into a fried chicken restaurant and start throwing chairs. This type of fluidity is probably my favourite new feature. On the other hand, I've only noticed a small handful of heat moves. There is one where you do that aerial body slam with an object like a bike or a sign onto a downed enemy and it has an upshot on Kiru before he connects. The other is the R2 Heat mode where you spam TRIANGLE (I think) while slo-mo kicking somebody in the face. I hope when it comes to using objects there is a bigger variety in heat action because this move is already getting repetitive.

    Finally, these cinematics are giving MGS4 a run for its money. I understand that a lot of newcomers need to be introduced to the characters but the exposition is overwhelming. Yakuza 0 was my entry into the series and that game throws you into things just fine without long drawn out exposition. I honestly believe the intro of this game could have been shrunk by 60% and fine tuned.

    All that criticism yet I'm still loving the graphics, the movement, the world and how much is has changed from Yakuza Kiwami. The acting is once again phenomenal. The directing also once again wonderful. My only criticism would be the moving camera shots in sub-stories are disorienting because the camera move resets when you hit X to move past dialogue so it starts a dolly shot from left to right and makes it to the centre of the screen and you hit X and it resets the shot moving left to right again. Kinda hectic, but I doubt that'll happen every sub-story.

    Well - that's my quick and mostly unedited essay there. I've become so passionate about this series in a short amount of time so I cannot wait to settle in and play more when the full game releases.

  • @dipset About the Karaoke cutscenes
    These are only missing in the demo, the full game has them again.
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  • @musou-tensei


    I also acknowledge that I'm critiquing a trial and not the full game. My goodness I cannot wait!

  • Yeah. Having accidentally played the first 4 chapters of the game already, when they released the full game earlier - I think most of the critiques are demo only. The findings goofiness is definitely still there, and more heat actions are unlockable through exp.

    I don't think you can complete the Haruka fan quest in the demo.

  • I went back and spent another hour or so playing the demo. I think it's was a weird coincidence that my heat actions were so few because I'm getting a good variety now including some crazy environmental actions.

    I also love how endearing the voice acting in the sub-stories can be. The little girl who is a Haruka fan was so sweet and the developers do a great job of throwing music in there at the correct time to tug on the heart strings a little when the girl mentions her mothers disdain towards Haruka's father. The sub-stories are still wacky but go that extra little bit to make it worth while.

    I made a quick little Share Factory video that I'll post here in a bit.


    My Premiere Pro CC subscription is over so let's enjoy the wonders of Share Factory!

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  • I love how fluid the game changes to battle mode in this one, it's even better than in 5.

  • I've never played 5, but it is miles lighter than 0 and Kiwami. At first I felt like everything packed a bigger punch in those games and that the fluidity in Yakuza 6 was making it feel too light, but now I'm starting to disagree with myself.

    I was discussing this with my friend who is really into Halo. He's saying my over analysis of the little things is exactly what he does when he picks up a new Halo game and feels uneasy about the speed, the jumping, and all the other physics. It always feels weird at first but then you warm up, and the only reason this ever happens is because you're damn near obsessed with the games.

  • SEGA released a trio of rather odd live-action Yakuza 6 trailers, telling of Kiryu's exploits from the point of view of other people. It's an interesting take - but I think that the Subtitled Japanese first sentence being replaced by full English voice acting is a bit clunky and potentially misleading for newcomers. (Y6 is going to be subtitled, and there will not be any English voiceover) That being said, they are kind of well done, in a Japanese soap-opera kind of way. THEY ARE NON-SPOILERY

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  • I forgot that I made this thread a month ago and started a new one. I just moved the new videos over into this thread and deleted the other one.

  • I feel like I have to lay down Ni No Kuni 2 (and don't touch Gal*Gun 2 at all when it arrives tomorrow) for the weekend and fully concentrate on beating Yakuza 5 so I'm done till tuesday.

    I remember the subquests the videos chapter 2 (Yakuza 5) and chapter 3 (I think Yakuza 4, or 5) refer to, but I don't recal the one from chapter 1, though I would most likely be like "oh yeah, that one" if someone would point out which subquest that is.

  • Good luck with Yakuza 5.

    I think video 1 is referencing a sidequest from 1/Kiwami.

  • Thanks, I am at Chapter 4 part 3 but I'm not sure how long the rest will take me.

    That would make sense, I played Kiwami when it came out here and since then played 2 (on PS2), 3, 4 and now 5.

  • Can't wait for my collectors edition to come in the mail. Only 4 days left :)

  • Happy Yakuza 6 day! It's finally here!