Legendary series you've never played.

  • @el-shmiablo Well... let's see... talking about the things I HAVE played...

    Final Fantasy
    Mass Effect
    Smash Bros.
    Kingdom Hearts
    Gears of War
    God of War
    Ratchet & Clank
    Batman: Arkham series
    Sly Cooper
    Tomb Raider
    Crash Bandicoot
    Call of Duty
    Assassin's Creed
    Mario Kart

    And of course many games that only have one or two entries like Left 4 Dead, Portal, Prey, and Mirror's Edge just to name a few.

    Oh, I remember two more series I haven't played! Jak & Daxter and Infamous.

  • Never touched a Persona or Monster Hunter game. I've barely played Gears of War or Assassin's Creed.

  • Until last year I had never touched Resident Evil besides RE5 co-op. PLAY RESIDENT EVIL! RE Remake and RE2 have aged very well.

  • @dipset If you can deal with RE 2 controls ( I can) that game is still beautiful in its own way. Pre-rendered backgrounds still hold up.

  • I think it needs to be cleared up that even if you've only played 5 minutes of something in order to try it, that still counts, considering what the TC is asking.

  • Banned

    I honestly can't think of any series I haven't at least tried. I try never to speak about games if I haven't at least played them once or twice.

    I guess I've never played the mainline Forzas? Horizon is fun tho. Just never felt compelled to play a second fiddle racing sim when I have GT.

    Edit: Actually nope played 5 at a demo kiosk once at GameStop lol.

  • Final Fantasy.

  • All Nintendo games besides Mario & Zelda
    Fifa, Madden, WWE, etc
    Tekken, Street Fighter, Mortal Combat, etc
    World of Warcraft, etc
    Resident Evil, The Evil Withing, Silent Hill, etc
    Call of Duty
    The Sims
    Final Fantasy
    Tom Clancy
    Gran Turismo
    Dragon Quest
    Just Dance
    Crash Bandicoot
    Dragon Ball
    Guitar Hero
    Mega Man
    Tony Hawk
    Kingdom Hearts
    Gears of War
    Total War
    Everybody's Golf
    Baldur's Gate
    Twisted Metal
    Monster Hunter
    ...and many many others

    Several of these I've tried with demos, but they didn't impress me enough to buy full game.

  • The original Metal Gear Solid trilogy. I have played MGS 4 and 5, loved them, fantastic games in their own ways.
    Basically most Nintendo series, name it and i probably haven't played it (Zelda, mainline Mario, Fire Emblem, etc)
    Resident Evil (too spooky)
    Silent Hill (too spooky as well)
    Shenmue. Would love a hd remaster so i can get cought up when III releases, this series looks like something i would love.

  • Spyro
    Shin Megami Tensei (mainline game, Persona doesn't count)
    Monster Hunter
    Twisted Metal
    Dragon Quest
    Harvest Moon
    Animal Crossing

    I feel like I've dabbled in most series, but I've missed some big games or haven't been able to get into/spent enough time with several big franchaises. Like:
    The Elder Scrolls
    Most Zelda games
    A lot of old school 2D mario
    Saints Row
    Shadow of the Colossus
    Secret of Mana
    Super Mario RPG

  • My first ever single player mario game is Odyssey, i owned an N64 and a Wii U ( the Wii u came with super luigi U) but didn't even care to play any of mario games, i played the party game like mario kart and mario party.

  • @futurecorpse Oh yeah, Metal Gear was the first thing that came to mind for me too. Although I had MGS 2 back during the PS2 era, I couldn't really get past the first couple of hours. Tried to get into 4, couldn't make it past the first hour and then I finally got the MGS 1+2 collection on Vita, and couldn't get past the first couple of hours in either game. So, by now I've accepted, it ain't gonna happen.

    Monster Hunter I just have no interest in at all.
    I've been tempted to play The Witcher a couple of times now, I'm sure that one I will actually play at some point.
    Never played Shenmue, and since it doesn't seem to have aged too well, I probably won't unless it gets a Remake. But Huber did a stream, right? I'd probably watch that.

    I think my hugest, though, is Zelda. Although not true, because I played a couple of the mobile ones and started OoT and MM, I never really played any of the big games. And by now I feel I missed the boat. I think a lot of what Zelda is, is nostalgia. Not that the newer games aren't great, I'm sure they are. But I think to people like Kyle and Damiani a big part of the magic is recapturing that child-like wonder. I'm kind of sad I won't ever have that relationship with Zelda.
    Never really got into RE, besides playing a little coop RE5 and started PE4 but couldn't get into it.

    All in all, I at least tried most "legendary games" at least enough to know, they aren't for me.

  • @babpel91 said:

    And by now I feel I missed the boat.

    Considering they just completely shook up the 3D Zelda formula with Breath of the Wild recently and plan to release future similar 3D Zelda games, now is a good time to hop right in. You definitely have not missed the boat.

    I think a lot of what Zelda is, is nostalgia. Not that the newer games aren't great, I'm sure they are. But I think to people like Kyle and Damiani a big part of the magic is recapturing that child-like wonder.

    Warning: Minirant time. So, I often see people using the word nostalgia when a more appropriate word would be legacy. Nostalgia is kind of a word that carries negative notions, like something isn't as good as people treat it, because they have nostalgia for the thing, which can often be true. While that definitely applies in some cases to things like that Kingdom you unlock when you beat Super Mario Odyssey, which is trying to be pure nostalgia to begin with, other things are simply franchise building onto a base structured by previous entries in a series which is instead legacy.

    Hyrule Warriors is a game built on nostalgia. Everything from the cast of characters and their movesets to the sound effects to the adventure mode are capitalizing big time on fan's nostalgia for the series, and it might be difficult to enjoy for someone who has never played any of the other games it is constantly referencing before. Breath of the Wild on the other hand is almost as big a departure from the 3D Zelda games before it as possible, most similarly resembling the original 2D Legend of Zelda in formula, to the point of upsetting some fans of those 3D games for being so different, but it does incorporate small elements of past games in the series for pieces of music, names for locations on the map, etc. None of these things are any harder for someone new jumping in to appreciate, but for long term fans of the series they can recognize these things and gain a deeper level of appreciation for it due to the legacy of the franchise.

    You could also just play the older games in the franchise, but don't force yourself if you weren't feeling them. Unless they make another Zelda like Windwaker that is pretty much a sequel to another game in the series, most of the games are self contained enough to be enjoyed on their own, and even Windwaker's first half is something you can fully appreciate without that additional context. Also, never be afraid to hop in to any game with a rich legacy like Dark Souls III or whatever, because you can always go back to the games before it later and play those to fill in any lore gaps you might've been left with.

  • @mbun I agree that nostalgia, especially with Nintendo, is a very loaded word. But I don't think legacy is quite right, either. The thing about nostalgia is, that it's something you can feel as well. Legacy is more of a agreed upon thing. But we're talking semantics here, so who really cares.
    Again, I would never say that Zelda is popular for nostalgias sake, since I've not played any of the more recent ones. And I also don't mean nostalgia in a negative context in this case. But I do I think, that some of the magic comes from the personal history people have with Zelda.
    The same way, I still feel very strongly about Final Fantasy, even though I haven't loved one since X, or Kingdom Hearts, which hasn't seen a full console-release in more than 10 years.
    Lore gaps are definitely the least of the problem here. I'm sure I might enjoy BotW, but I think there is something to be said for the bond you can have with a gameseries.

  • @babpel91 I think that kind of nostalgia is closeminded and can be dangerous, because you would be going into the franchise expecting the same thing you always get, and you might be upset that things have changed, even if the changes are good and fresh if you can accept it not being a familiar experience. So on that note, you might be better off for lacking Zelda nostalgia going into Breath of the Wild. I don't deny that some people have that kind of bond with a franchise, and I'm sure there's franchises I love that I treat in this manner, but that should always been seen as an extra, something akin to hype, not something that stops you from trying a new game.

    What you described is how I feel about mainline Pokemon I guess, because I'm not into the changes the series has been undergoing lately and just want more open ended. personal badge journeys like the older games. Was very upset about Sun/Moon's more railroaded linear nature with too many cut scenes and emphasis on story, but even getting burnt like that on a franchise I love, now that I'm past it my expectations have been shifted and tempered for future games of the series.

    Basically, I'll read reviews and reactions before buying them, because I don't trust them to be personally enjoyable for myself anymore. Least I've still got Mystery Dungeon.